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Instead of doing the usual, I'm going to put up a list of recommended fanfiction from various fandoms with various pairings. Some of them will be based on fics that I reviewed (I'll link the review too). I'm also pinning this to the top incase anyone actually reads this damn blog.

Most of the fics listed here will be from Video games, ranging from het to slash pairings. Most fics will probably be romance in nature, but you may see a general fanfic here and there. I'll also put warnings/rating based on Ao3's system, since most fics will be on Ao3. Also, most fics will be full of spoilers, so keep that in mind.

I'll also be adding to this over time. I may review a few of these fics in the future (More so Fire Emblem Persona 5 since that's the fandom I actively read for now).

Dramatical Murder

Fics by Shinoochi in general. Instead of listing basically all this person's work, I'm just going to recommend them here. Shinoochi writes about various pairings while staying true to the characters. Below are my personal favorite works. I'd highly suggest reading their Noiz/Aoba pieces if you like that pairing.

All of You (Noiz/Aoba, E) - Great smut piece featuring this pairing with a very interesting premise. Wonderfully IC as well. If you're on the fence on this pairing, I'd recommend this. If you already like this pairing, this will crave your itch. Spoilers for Reconnect good end as well.

Warmth in Your Hands (Koujaku/Aoba, E) - Another great smut piece by the same author as above. It's some domestic fluff after Reconnect, but I think you're good even if you didn't read it.


As a fair warning, most of these fics are based on the VN, and not the anime.

Again, reccing an author. Calenlass Greenleaf writes pretty amazing fics with various pairings and various ratings. I'm going to take three fics that I thought were really written well, but I recommend checking out their other works.

What is Enough (Souji/Chizuru, E) - First time fic featuring this pairing. Very sweet and stays true to both characters. The summary pretty much sums up WHY I like this fic, because that's how I view the pairing.

Again (Hijikata/Chizuru, M) - I normally don't like this pairing too much, but it's very well written here. This story is somewhat an AU and spoils the prequel to Hakuoki, but you should be fine, even without reading the prequel.

It's Always the Quiet Ones (Saito/Chizuru, E) - Cute fluffy smut taking place at the end of Zuisouroku/Memories of Love epilogue. There's spoilers for MoL (PS3 version of Hakuoki). Very in character fluff with a dash of smut.

Final Fantasy 7

And again, recommending an author. Miko writes some really fantastic pieces that take place in the FF7 universe. Most of them pre-date AC and CC, so be warned.

Too Good to be True (Zack/Cloud, E) (Review here) - I already said everything I wanted to say in the review. Again, I'll say this is the fic that made me ship this pairing. If you're on the fence with this pairing, read this one. It's remarkably in character and actually treats the female counter-parts with the due respect they deserve.

Permission to Touch (Zack/Cloud, side mentions of Zack/Aerith, E) - This is not only funny in the best of ways, but features cross-dressing Cloud. And some well written smut. If you're looking for a humor piece, you'll get your fix here. Predates CC, so non canon to it, if you're picky about that.

Blood of the Innocents (See review here) (Zack/Cloud, one sided Sephiroth/Zack, verious others, M, take note of warnings in the review) - This fic is a perfect example of how an AU fic should be written, though it runs more like a Butterfly effect AU. Spoils the entire game.

Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time

Believe in Me, O Dancer Girl (Albel/Fayt, Albel+Peppita, E) - It's a crime that this story has so little reviews, but I think back in the day, the author mislabeled it as a Albel/Peppita story when it has nothing to do with romance between those characters. I decided to read it, and man, this is probably one of the better written Albel and Fayt fics with some really good Peppita development.

Eye of Apris (Albel/Fayt, E) (Review here) - It pains me to link from this site, but I have yet to find this fic anywhere else. I really like Albel's character here and while I think Fayt is a bit too submissive here, I can let it go because I like the overall theme for the fic. Basically, Fayt comes back during Mid-Winter Holiday (Christmas equivalent) and... stuff happens. I can't say due to spoilers.

Persona 4

Still Waters (See review here) (F!Souji/Yosuke, many one sided F!Souji pairings, E) - A gender swapped Main Character in the Persona 4 universe with a catch, the MC is a blank state, literally. Has some really great build up. Spoilers for the entire game.

Groundhog Day Effect (Souji/Yosuke, E) - Souji and Yosuke get stuck in a time loop. I recommend this one mostly because it has very decent build up compared to the many Souji/Yosuke fics I've read, in general. If you're looking for that with some fluff and angst and smut mixed in, this is a good fic to go for.

Persona 5

Remission (Akira/Akechi, T) - Fix it fic. This has HUGE spoilers for the end game, so be warned.

Leave me something to remember you by (Akira/Akechi, M though it could pass T) - HEAVY SPOILERS! Fix it fic, sort of. This fic kind of covers subtle hints about Akechi that you may have not realized throughout the game (Fuck, sometimes, I didn't even KNOW Akechi was in Leblanc sipping on coffee till my second playthrough!) and runs with it pretty damn well, along with some angst. This fic contains spoilers till the end of the game, so be warned.

Yesterday's Protagonist (Akira/Akechi, E) (Review here) - I'm not really into fluff for this pairing (Though there's angst here, there's more fluff than angst), but this is really well written; obviously the author put a TON of effort into it and it shows and works. And it's future fix-it fic too, which is what a lot of fics of this pairing are. This is a must read fic for fans of this pairing. Also, SPOILERS FOR ENDGAME!

Crooked Hands (Akira/Akechi, T) (Review here) - Man, I'm not even a real shipper of this pairing, and yet, I keep finding great fics for it. This is a very thought provoking piece and shows that not all decisions are black and white, there's a ton of grey areas. Also, Akechi has a Palace. >.> And Akira is not perfect. Of course, there's spoilers all the way up to November, so be warned.

Goblin Men (Akira/Akechi, T) - Sequel to Crooked Hands. Basically, everyone tries to come to terms with the aftermath of the previous work. If you're looking for some deep angst, here you go. Just be careful, there's some heavy violence against a teen here. Also, you'll have to read the previous work to know what's going on as well.

La Justice (Akira/Akechi, E) - The only reason I'm reccing this? Hatesex, of course! There isn't enough hatesex fics for this pairing, and this pairing is prime for it. :/ This contains spoilers, of course, up to 11/21. Part 2 is mostly where the hatesex takes place, but I'd recommend reading both parts for context.

Sunny With A Chance of Storms (Akira/Akechi, E) - This is a really LONG fic but excellently written. There's a ton of sexual tension as well, so if you don't mind reading longer slow build fics with a great payoff, this is the perfect fic for you.

Without Grasping Yet (Akira/Akechi, E) - ANOTHER fic that has a lot of sexual tension that ends up boiling over. Basically, everyone is cramped inside the Cat Bus and... you can tell what's going to happen. Not as long as the fic above, but if you like sexual tension coming to a boil, this is another great fix for you.

Liar Liar (Akira/Akechi, T) - This story... sort of reminds me of one of my YnM fics with a nice twist at the end. I can't really say without heavy spoilers. Note, this is a translation of a Japanese fanfic.

a multitude of deaths, and a world for the two of us alone (Akira/Akechi, M) - I don't normally recommend AUs (Especially when there's no real explanation), but I can't resist this fic. A very thought provoking piece with some really creepy imagery. Be mindful of the warnings.

Guilty Eyes (Akira/Akechi, E) - This is basically a AU of sorts where Akira reaches out to Akechi more than you have the chance in canon. This doesn't follow the very last dungeon canon to the game, but if you're looking for a more 'fix-it' fic that involves more of the plot during the November/December time line, this one would serve well.

Carousel (Akira/Akechi, hints of Ryuji/Yusuke, hints of Ryuji/Ann, M) - If you're looking for more plot based fics, I'd recommend this one. Again, I rarely recommend unfinished works, but I like the plot of this fic, and it's sort-of-sequel that manages so far to stay true to the game.

Twisted Fates (Akira/Akechi, G) - Again, I rarely recommend fics, but this is an AU that I can get behind. Basically, Akira gets the 'bad end', and goes back to when he first arrived in Tokyo. Only, he runs into Akechi a lot earlier. Again, I'm recommending this because it's heavy plot based fic that focuses mostly on Akira and Akechi, more so Akechi. If you're looking for more plot based fics, here it is.

Catching Smoke (Akira/Akechi, T) - Again, I rarely do 'in progress' fanfiction (Seems like I'm reccing a lot of that lately with this fandom), but this fic here has the potential to go to really dark (This fandom lacks dark fics that focus on Akira) and covers things that I think canon-wise really lacked regarding a certain event that happens. There's no real substance for the pairing listed as of right now, but it might change.

sakuraso by fuwaesthetic (Akira/Akechi, T) - I normally don't recommend stories like this, because most of them are sloppily written, but this one is an exception. Basically, an AU where Akechi is investigating Hanahaki disease, which is basically someone puking up flowers due to possible unrequited love. They either die from it, or they get surgery to cure it, along with removing the feelings they had for the one they love as well.

The Immortal Realm of Barbelo by joisbishmyoga (Akira/Akechi, M) - This is an AU of the bad ending that revolves around Akechi, so it's full of spoilers. There's massive spoilers for the whole game, and there's some twists that I don't want to spoil either. Also, be mindful of the warnings, it's not really rated M for smut reasons, but for the warnings really.

Fics by valiantarmor (Mostly Akira/Akechi) - Since he's written a lot more before my computer went boom, I can now rec the author! A lot of well written smut and build up fics on this pairing. I think this author characterizes Akechi really well, and her sassy Akira bounces off Akechi in many of his fics. The author writes a lot of explicit content for this pairing too, but they do warn and even give the reader the option of skipping it if they don't want to read it. If you're looking for build up fics for this pairing, I can't really recommend them enough. I'd highly suggest reading the fic that I reviewed at the very least.

A Lesson in Painting (Akira/Yusuke, E) - Shameless smut and Yusuke being his quirky clueless self. Very mild spoilers, if any.

That's Love (Akira/Yusuke, E) - HEAVY LATE SPOILER WARNING! A very well written piece that's written from Yusuke's PoV. I really like how it covers a certain incident that seems to be brushed off in game and you really get inside Yusuke's head along with his quirky nature and feelings towards Akira.

Theft of a Thief (Akira/Yusuke, G) - Sickingly sweet fluff. Very in character as well (I'm surprised at how authors are nailing Yusuke's character). If you're looking for something light featuring this pairing, I'd highly recommend this.

Level 99 (Akira/Yusuke, G) - Something that starts out really angsty ending in something completely fluffy? Yes please! Also, both boys being oblivious for a change instead of just Yusuke. Since this takes place post game, obvious end game spoilers.

Stealing is Not a Form of Self Expression (Akira/Yusuke, T) - A cute fluffy fic where Akira is totally head over heels in love with Yusuke. But what makes this story stand out is the bonding moments between Yusuke and a member of the Phantom Thieves. My favorites are Ryuji's and Futaba's. :X

Compliance (Akira/Yusuke, M) - A really thought provoking piece featuring Yusuke. The main focus isn't the pairing, but on Yusuke himself, and how he changes through canon.

Success (implied Akira/Yusuke, G) - Though this isn't really focused on Akira and Yusuke as a pairing, it's more of a character study about Yusuke and his feelings on art and trying to make a living.

Fics by NanakiBH (Mostly Akira/Yusuke) - She writes a lot of nice one shots, mostly focusing on Yusuke that hints or basically has Akira/Yusuke. I decided to just recommend this author (I did recommend other fics previous by her, but because she's written so much on the pairing now, it's easier for me to just rec her) because most of her fics she writes for this pairing are well done. I will warn, however, she tends to focus more on Yusuke, and the two are usually already in a relationship.

Less Lonelier (Akira/Ryuji, E) - I do not like this pairing at all, but holy shit, this is SO well written that I have to rec it. This person nailed Ryuji on the nose and made me like him a bit. Seriously, if some of what the author wrote here was in the game, I'd probably like Ryuji a lot more. That should say it all right there.

Lunch (Akira/Futaba, T though it can be G) - Cute adorable fluff fic that's remarkably in character. Can totally see this happening in the game. Mild spoilers if you didn't recruit Futaba in game.

Snapshot (Akira/Futaba, G) - More cute fluff. Akira writes a letter to Futaba's father, explaining how he developed his feelings to his daughter. Saying anything more would spoil mid game. This fic also gives a shitton of spoilers all the way to end game and Futaba's SL, so be warned.

Kurusu Family Reunion (Mild Akira/Makoto, T) - A lot of fanfics portray Akira's parents as assholes because they dump him in Tokyo and don't call or even write to their son. Well, this fic gives a different perspective and it turned out really great.

The Future Card (Various pairings with Akira and a member from the PT, mostly G-T) - A lot of cute short stories that take place after the game with Akira and a member of the Phantom team. I listed the entire series because all of them are well written, despite who Akira is paired with. Minor spoilers for the Confident Links.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Restless Nights (Chrom/F!Robin, E) Hurt/Comfort fic featuring Chrom and F!Robin. Angst and smut, just the right combination. There's massive spoilers for the game, so be warned.

Fire Emblem: Fates

Coronation (Xander/F!Corrin, T) - Very well written build up fic featuring Xander and F!Corrin. There's massive spoilers for the Conquest route. Plus the story uses Xander's japanese name (Marx) and it also uses a fixed name rather than Corrin. It's still really well written, probably one of the better fics for this pairing. This is one in a series of 3 fics, but I haven't read the others.

His Thoughts (Takumi/F!Corrin, T) - It's Takumi angst, enough said. It also has it's fluffy moments. It's short, but sweet.

(you are)(like a malestrom) (Takumi/F!Corrin, T, boarderline M) - There is a TON of sexual tension and of course, angst in this piece. I was skeptical reading it since it was pre-release of the actual game, but it's somewhat in character if you look at this after their A support.

Breath of Life (Leo/F!Corrin, small references to Camilla/Takumi, T) - I'll admit, I'm not really fond of this pairing, but this fic is well written and has some excellent build up for it. Spoilers for Revelations route up to chapter 17.

The Light is You (Leo/Takumi, E) - Very sensual pieces featuring this pairing with a dash of smut. This somewhat spoils their S support and Revelations, so be warned.

If You Could Just Forgive Yourself (Leo/Takumi, T) - Excellently well written build up following their Revelations support, but doesn't really follow Revelations. If you're unsure of this pairing, I'd recommend this piece to read.

Pawn to E4 (Leo/Takumi, T) - Decent build up fic, but not as good as the one above. Focuses a lot on Leo and his angst post Birthright, which I liked the most of this story, since a lot of fics tend to focus more on Takumi angst. Massive spoilers for Birthright route.

And Whatever Differences Our Lives Have Been, Together We Make a Limb (Leo/Takumi, T) - I don't usually recommend unfinished works (And holy shit, this title is long), but I was really shocked I liked this fic. It's an AU where Takumi and Leo are forced into an arranged marriage for politics.

For Your Eyes Only (Leo/Takumi, part 1 T, part 2 M) - A two part series that takes a very interesting premise. Takumi was born blind and the way he sees is through the Fujin Yumi. This has massive spoilers for Revelation and their support. Part 1 is build up fic, part 2 is pretty much flangsty smut.

Reflection (Leo/Takumi, T) - Takumi gets badly injured and Leo blames himself. The one interesting premise is that this is told from Sakura's PoV.

Give Corrin a Break (Leo/Takumi, first part T, second part E) - I'm really only recommending this because this is a really funny story. Corrin forcefully plays matchmaker between her two clueless brothers.

Incandescence (Leo/Takumi, M) - Another sensual piece where Leo's favorite passtime is painting and his new target is a certain Prince. There's no build up here, but I liked the overall idea of the fic. It also has a nice piece of fanart in the fic as well.

to a place where no one's seen us before (Leo/Takumi, E) - I put this with no capital letters because the fic does it too. Dunno why. I'm really only recommending this because the smut is really well written. And Takumi being Tsundere to the max.

Ferocity (Leo/Takumi, M) - This actually takes an idea that I haven't seen in any of the fics that I've read, the fact that Leo and Takumi have dragon blood running through their veins. And it goes as you may expect, considering the M rating. It's nothing too explicit. The second part is M!Corrin/Niles, which I did not read, just if you're wondering about the part 1 near the top.

The Boy I Like (Leo/Takumi, E) - The only reason I recommend this is because of Tsundere!Takumi and Leo being a smug bastard. This is how I like the pairing, to be honest, how their characters are in the game. Oh and Takumi dresses up in a Yukata.

Fool's Game (Leo/Takumi, E) - I think the tag perfectly describes why I like this fic, basically because they're both being smug assholes in this fic. And it's Hate sex, something that the fandom is surpringly lacking, considering the personality of these two.

I Fly on Crippled Wings (But I Will Take Your Bitterness Away) (Leo/Takumi, T) - The writing for this fic is so-so, but the idea really saves it (And has a very pretty fanart to the story as well). Basically, Leo is tasked to spying on Takumi through his dreams. The problem? Takumi has nothing but nightmares. This spoils a little of Revelation, but doesn't follow it completely.

The Poison Tree (Leo+Takumi, T) - This isn't a pairing fic really, but this is a real beautiful piece where Takumi can't tell the difference between his dreams and reality. It takes both Conquest and Birthright and takes a unique spin on the paths, so be warned for spoilers.

The Worth of Words (Leo/Takumi, G) - Pretty much pure fluff of Takumi and Leo talking about their feelings to each other.

Date: 2017-03-08 12:28 am (UTC)
katsue_fox: (Tsuzuki lights)
From: [personal profile] katsue_fox
Only just came across these reviews now! Have never read any of Shinocchi's fics (as you'll probably have figured by now, my taste in DMMd pairings is a little different from yours - and hers) but just emailed her today after finding her addy on Ao3 because I wanted to thank her for the Re:Code translations, without which I'd have been kinda badly stuffed trying to figure out the Morphine (Mizuki) route.
Edited Date: 2017-03-08 12:29 am (UTC)

Date: 2017-03-08 04:05 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Ah, I didn't know she helped translate those. She actually writes on every pairing, though she seems to favor Noiz/Aoba more than the others.

I think I have an idea what your pairing is, but sadly, I haven't seen a lot of fic for it. Though I will admit, it's more to me being lazy since you can probably tell what fandom I've been browsing heavily for lately by this list. >.>

Date: 2017-03-08 06:29 pm (UTC)
katsue_fox: (Tsuzuki lights)
From: [personal profile] katsue_fox
You're right about there not being much fic for my favourite pairing (Ren x Aoba) - well, not compared with the other pairings, anyway. And yes, I can tell which fandom you've been browsing lots lately!

Date: 2017-03-08 11:50 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Honestly, I'm surprised how many good fic I found for Fire Emblem. Most of it being slash, but hey, at least it features my favorite characters from both sides. Though I wish there was more het pairings being written on, I'll take what I can get.

Actually, lots of fics I found for DMMd were really good, but most fic I found was Noiz/Aoba (Luckily, my favorite ship). I'm kinda sad there wasn't that many Clear/Aoba (I really liked Clear's Reconnect story, both good and bad). I only really found one, and that was Modern AU. I kinda wonder the reason why there's not a lot of fic for Ren/Aoba is because it's the 'canon' pairing. I say 'canon' because that's the most heavy story based route.

Btw, did you read the summer side stories for Reconnect? They were translated, think they're on the same site I linked you to DMMd. I enjoyed them all, and yes, that include Mink's too, which shocked me, since his route... ick. ~_~;;

Date: 2017-03-09 01:21 am (UTC)
katsue_fox: (Tsuzuki lights)
From: [personal profile] katsue_fox
I strongly suspect that in general there is more slash fic out there than het fic, regardless of the fandom!

I'm really surprised that there aren't more Clear/Aoba fics out there, because I've come across quite a lot of bloggers and youtubers who adore Clear and who found his route the most moving. I'm not at all surprised that Noiz/Aoba is popular - just been replaying his (Noiz's) route. What surprised me the most at first was that there appears to be quite a few Mizuki/Sly Blue shippers - until I realised that Re:code dropped some hints in this direction. No clue at all what the anime's like, btw - haven't watched it. The rest of the Summer Side Stories (I only just started on them) and the Drama CDs take priority over the anime for me, on the grounds that the anime probably isn't likely to tell me anything I don't already know.

Date: 2017-03-09 03:24 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sadly, that is the case, even for fandoms that have mostly straight pairings. ~_~;; What's funny is Fire Emblem is like a shipper's paradise, for het pairings (There's only two bi characters in the game and they can only go for your character). And yet, everyone writes slash for a pairing that can't get together in the game, go figure, rofl. Luckily, I like all 3 (Though I won't go after Yuri unless it's strongly recommended to me), so I win either way. XD

Actually, I am surprised about Clear, since a forum I browse, everyone praised the fuck out of Clear's route. What horrifies me the most is that Mink/Aoba is more popular fanfic wise than Clear/Aoba. *Gags*

I heard the anime isn't that good, mostly because they tried to cram everyone's route into one. Basically save for Ren, all the character's routes are one episode long. I only watched up to the 'common route', maybe the first 6 episodes and it was good. Then I heard they crammed everyone's route into one episode and I was like 'nope, fuck that shit'.


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