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Here's a fic I found that actually is really good and of all places, on It was originally on the Fayt and Albel community, but not every part was posted. This is the case of a 'under-appreciated' fic sydrome.

Series: Star Ocean 3
Title: Eye of Apris
Author: [ profile] mishaelamk
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: MA
Warnings: A bit of violence, NSFW obviously
Couple (if applicable): Albel/Fayt

Plot: 9/10 - For a story that may not seem to have a plot or very little main plot, it has a lot of very interesting ideas. Unlike the last story, this fic pulls those ideas off really well. We have Albel seeming to 'drift' after the events of SO3, when Fayt suddenly makes an appearance on Elicoor II and of all places, picks Airyglyph. Only Fayt isn't exactly there for a visit. Then while that's going on, we got character development between Albel and Fayt along with a side-plot with Nel and then off in the background, we actually have another political plot brewing. Believe it or not, the OCs that are in the fic are also well written and likeable too.

I love how the author incooperated ideas like the Air Dragons having a pact with the Nox family, and the Mid-Winter holiday being like Christmas. The plot isn't grandiose, but it doesn't have to be and makes for good reading.

Writing: 9/10 - Pretty much picture perfect writing here. I was always kept on the edge of my seat and the smut bits were written well. The story flows naturally from start to finish.

Characterization: 9/10 - This is probably the only Albel/Fayt fic that I've read where both of them are in character. Albel/Fayt fics tend to have a problem of either making Fayt too submissive or Albel becomes too gushy. This fic has the perfect balance of keeping both Fayt and Albel in character.

The ONLY problem I have with the fic is Fayt is a tiny bit too submissive to Albel, especially somewhat near the middle, but it's explained in such a well manner that I can pretty much forgive it. Also, unlike in a lot of fics, Fayt takes an active role in the foreplay, which is exactly what I see him doing.

Albel is wonderfully written in this fic, having a sense of honor, pride, and duty mixed in with a snarky nature. He's blunt and to the point, but isn't overly cruel like how a lot of fics make him out to be. In fact, this story may actually be my favorite representation of Albel I've seen in any Albel/Fayt fics. Nel also makes an appearance and is remarkably well written as well. There's a few other characters and OCs that appear, but they only add to the story and strengthen it.

Negativities: Simple plot
Summary: After the fight with *spoilers*, Albel goes home to Airyglyph, but feels restless. During the Mid-Winter festival, Fayt mysteriously shows up at Airyglyph's castle. But why has he come? And why does he insist on staying with Albel?
Overall: 9/10 - Probably one of the better Albel/Fayt fics I've read that manages to keep both characters in character. If you love this pairing at all, this fic is right up your alley.


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