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Here I bring good fic. Too bad it's not Star Ocean 3, but a very obscure fandom.

Series: Shadow Hearts
Title: Shadow Killer
Author: MikoNoNyte
Genre: Supernatural/Horror/Romance
Rating: R - NC-17
Warnings: Violence, some swearing, sexual content, Spoilers for Shadow Hearts 2
Couple (if applicable): Yuri/Alice, Yuri/Margaret
Plot: 8/10 - This story's plot can be a bit complicated and it manages to keep you on the edge of your seat till the end fill in some fluffy bunny moments, Yuri dork moments, and battles.

The story keeps true to the game's 'genre' by not taking a cheap route and just getting Yuri and Alice together and living happily ever after, but manages to show real complications to their relationship and how they deal with them and adding in some darker themes as well.

Also, the wedding at the end? I really liked how the author took some time out to research how they were back then too.

Be warned, there are a few spoilers for Shadow Hearts 2. While it follows the 'good' ending to SH, it contains a few spoilers to SH2.

Writing: 8/10 - The writing flows fairly well. There's very few grammar/spelling errors. Some parts in the story can be a bit overwhelming to people who aren't used to long multi-chapter works.

The format is a bit weird and sometimes, you might get clobbered with the giant wall of text, but it doesn't distract too much from.

Characterization: 8/10 - At first, I was about to give up on this story because I had something against Yuri's character. But later, I realized that parts in the story were true. We have a guy who comes from a totally different country and most likely a totally different culture (This isn't counting what Yuri's life was possibly like after *spoilers*). So it wouldn't be surprising that the culture in Europe would be very very different from the way Yuri is used to.

There would also possibly be a language barrier, something the series really doesn't cover, and it's very likely that the sort of life Yuri had would be a 180 from the life Alice has.

Although not a big fan of this pairing, I like how Margaret was thrown into this as well as how she deals with her emotions with Yuri. The author doesn't just brush them off.

The only characterization I really didn't care much for was, surpringly, Alice, but it wasn't bad enough to distract and destroy the entire story. Most of the time, she was spot on save a few moments.

Negativities: None unless you are a canon!whore (This doesn't follow Shadow Heart 2)

Summary: Post game. Alice takes Yuri back to her mother, introductions and such. But things never turn out how they expected. While Yuri tries to adjust into a society totally different from he knows, he ends up getting pulled into a mysterious murder case...

Overall: 8/10 - Definitely worth a read if you are a Yuri/Alice fan and want something after the game ends. This story manages to pull off the romance and throw in a fairly good plot along with it.


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