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Only this time, it's a much better one.

Series: The Legend of Zelda: OoT
Title: Legend of Zelda: The Return
Author: Rose Zemlya
Genre: General
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Violence, occasional swearing
Couple (if applicable): Link/Zelda, Link/Malon, some OC/OC and OC/Malon
Plot: 9/10 - Honestly, I'm surprised I found gen-fic, let alone good gen fic. Basically, this takes place post-OoT, only Link doesn't remember anything that happened to him or his adventures from OoT. Basically, he's living a normal life, until a few months before he's 18, getting swept up in an array of conflicts that mesh fairly well and are done in a very well thought out manner. I won't spoil the story too much here, keep some of the surprises

Really, it shows the author put a lot of thought into the plot (Well, spanning over 40 chapters) and it actually feels a more 'adult' version of Zelda, dealing with issues that the original game didn't cover and introducing a variety of old and new faces.

Be warned though, this story is heavy on OCs. Most of the OCs are tolerable and even lovable at times.

Writing: 8/10 - There are a few spelling errors here and there, but they don't distract from the story.

There's only a few minor nitpicks. First off, the length of the story itself can be daunting and there were times I actually had to take a break, even though I am a speed reader. The story is mainly from Link's PoV, but sometimes switches to little interludes involving other characters. Some of them are good, but some of them are just not needed, especially some near the end where they only serve more as a distraction than helping the story come to a closure.

Secondly, the OCs. There's just too many of them, especially near the end, where I lost track of just about everyone save a few of them, like Hunter and Neesha.

Luckily, the nitpicks I have don't break the story.

Characterization: 8/10 - It's kinda hard to score this section really, because Link's personality is gonna vary from author to author. Luckily, his 'core' personality is kept in the story. Using First Person also helped, because the reader gets a better sense of who Link is and how he thinks and feels about the events around him.

Zelda is, sadly, but not surprisingly, absent after a certain part in the story. For the most part, her character is quite enjoyable and is a great deal better than the 'Wah, I can't marry my tru luv cause he's a common boy!' deal. But this story doesn't really focus on romance, which could be a gift or curse, depending on your tastes. It's a shame Zelda drops out of the picture for half the story though.

The OCs play very large roles, like Hunter and Neesha, who become deeply involved with Link's adventure, and form deep special bonds with Link that he probably couldn't have formed even with Zelda. In some parts, some of them skim the boarderline into the 'Mary/Gary Sue/Stu' department, but for the most part, the OCs don't cross the line.

Negativities: Not enough romance, too many OCs

Summary: Takes place Post OoT. Link has no memories of what took place during OoT after Zelda sent him back in time. He basically lives a normal day life under the care of a man called Bruiser, who runs the Archery shop in Hyrule Town. While delivering a mysterious package to Hyrule Castle, Link is caught up in a whirlwind of events that turn his entire world upside down. The mysteries of who he is and was come to light and now he must cope and fight for survival while trying to restore Hyrule once more.

Overall - 8.6/10 - Definitely worth a read if you're looking for some gen-fic. This ranks up there as one of the best gen-fics I've read in a long time.
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I've returned! This time around, the fandom is one I've only seeped my toes in on and off, but been a big lurker since the Prodigy boards back 15 odd years ago.

Unfortuantely, most fic I find is trash, and since Zelda is a huge fandom (Spamming over 10 games and a few cartoon series), it's not surprising you find a lot of bad fic.

The irony of this fic is that I liked it when I read it when it was still on, but when I read it today, I wanted to smack myself for EVER liking it.

Series: The Legend of Zelda: OoT
Title: Sehnsucht
Author: The Unnamed Author
Genre: waahmublance drama Angst/Romance
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, violence, suicide, more angst, explict sex, more angst, more suicide...
Couple (if applicable): Link/Zelda, past Link/Malon, some hinted Link/Saria
Plot: 4/10 - Honestly, there really isn't a big plot to this, just side stuff which is all waahngst from a character in the story. Really, it's just a big 'cwymoren00b!' feast that just went WAY past melodrama and into 'wtfbbq' land. If I thought the last story I reviewed was too dramatic, this story manages to make the SO3 fic seem very tame with angst.

Okay, we start off with Link boo hoo crying and trying to kill himself. Yep, sadly, in MANY fanfics, Link turns from this courageous hero to a whining self-pity ball of mess, which makes me want to vomit in my trash can. How the hell does a hero who looked death in the eye go to being a whiny emo brat??? But lo and behold, by a stroke of luck, the King and Princess of Hyrule manage to ride by and save Link at the last minute! Link manages to recover from his angst under the 'divine healing' powers of Zelda. Urgh...

The Ruto side story is stupid, pointless, and could've been cut out completely. But we can't have our angst without more suicidal moments, can we?

Then there's the batshit insane psycho prince storyline. Urgh, just urgh, another pointless angsty rollercoaster just to throw Zelda and Link into.

In the end, Zelda and Link elope, run off to the forest for their 'truluv' affair, abandoning the kingdom they tried to save from Ganondorf. Meanwhile, said King dies, cue political drama. Pretty much, Hyrule ends up imploding on itself.

Okay, so Zelda and Link save Hyrule from Ganondorf, only to have it destroyed on the inside because they felt giving the finger to it was better since they got treated by shit. Give me a fucking break, and I don't mean a kitkat bar either.

Basically, the story is a big drama angst feast, one after the other. Be prepared to drown in angst.

Writing: 8/10 - What baffles me is the writing itself is actually pretty good. If the format of the site doesn't kill you, that is. But otherwise, the story is fairly well written, despite the angst ridden crap that's in it. It's a shame, this author has talent in this department, but not in the plot or characterization department.

Characterization: 2/10 - All of the characters suffer from the 'omgANGST' sydrome. It's hard to characterize Link, because, face it, Nintendo made it so you sort of become Link in the game. He has a core personality, like fighting to protect something, he's courageous (Which is a duh!), he's kind to most people he meets, expert swordsman, etc. That's about it you can tell canonly unless you go by the cartoon timeline, which this story doesn't.

But in this story, Link sort of loses his core personality traits and instead turns into a 'woeisME!' angst monkey.

Zelda suffers from the angst too, her hatred for her father mainly, and her 'ohsoROUGH' life as a princess. While she has her tough moments, she's more there as a symbol to save Link from his 'ohsoangstpast', losing what flare she had.

Negativities: Too much angst to fill an ocean, OOCness, no really existant plotline

Summary: Link tries to commit suicide, he's saved by Zelda, and both try to cope with their 'omgANGST!'

Overall - 4.6/10 - The angst really destroys this story, big time. The author definitely has talent in the writing department, but the angst after angst waahmbulance destroys what could be a good piece. Stay away unless you really honest to god like melodramatic stories.


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