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Again, I'm going to be honest. Just fucking skip part 1 and 2 and read this part. Unlike the other trilogy that I reviewed where you really had to read previous parts to know what's going on in the part you may be reading, this part can stand alone. In fact, the title to this part is the title to the entire trilogy, so that should tell you something. >.>

Again, this story gets a lot of praise, and while I do think it's one of the better works I've read, I think it's a tad over-rated...

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Mercy of the Fallen
Author: gaudior
Genre: Angst, general, casefic
Rating: E (Author didn't rate this? Dunno why...)
Warnings: Mentions of rape (Actually, lots of mentions, holy shit), boarderline OOCness
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka, mentions of past Muraki/Hisoka and Muraki/Tsuzuki

Plot: 6.5/10 - There are two reasons why I decided to score this how I did. I was going to give this story a lower rating for plot for one reason and one reason only: It's beyond predictable. The entire casefic? I knew what happened from the moment it hit the table. The minor character in the story that gets briefly mentioned? You know she's actually someone REALLY important. The way the case is solved? Knew it was going to happen. The ending of the fic? Called that too.

Major spoilers for the story! )

That is my biggest complaint about the plot. Maybe it's because I've read WAY too much in general that I can predict things before they happen, but I predicted pretty much everything that happened in this story.

The saving grace of this? The ideas, unlike the last story, are executed fairly well and they're all very creative (Though this author has a lot of creative ideas imo). And btw, authors? THIS story is how you fucking do cliffnotes. The info is there to tell you that it does have a reference, but we don't need to know it in order to understand the story. Cliffnotes should just be a 'oh, for your info, readers...' not a 'I kept things in fanpoodle japanese, here's your translation!' And the pun on Hisoka's name in the story is the only acceptable boarderline 'fanpoodle japanese' I'd accept, mostly because that's not something that's easily translated into English.

The ONLY other beef I have is the boarderline 'Gary Stu'!Muraki, and I'll get into that in characterization in more detail. Though unlike most fics, the author did actually explain about Muraki's actions and why he gets away with what he does and had a really creative idea for it. Again, Muraki gets away with a lot of shit in canon, so I think it would've been unfair for me to lower it because of canon.

Basically, this is a mixed opinion here for me. I think most people though will really enjoy the plot in this fic. Me, I just thought it was way too predictable and I shouldn't be able to predict the entire casefic from chapter 1 onward.

Also, this part doesn't really link to 1 and 2, hence my advice for reading THIS part only and ignoring 1 and 2.

Also be warned, there is a lot of mentions of rape in this fic. And it's not just canon here too and not just the mentions from previous parts either. Just a warning.

Writing: 9/10 - Nothing wrong with the writing, yet again. In fact, it's gotten better. The prologue at the beginning of the piece was really well done. The best written of the three parts.

Characterization: 6/10 - I still have a big problem with the characterization of Hisoka in this story, but it's not that bad as compared to the previous parts. Mostly because there's more characters in this story than the last 2, where it was just Tsuzuki and Hisoka and the minor OCs.

I really love Tsuzuki's character in this story too. Very painful and we actually focus around his angst for a change than let the focus be on Hisoka. Very rarely do I find a story with Tsuzuki angst, most of the angst is centered on Hisoka. As a big Tsuzuki fangirl, this was a good surprise.

Also, thank fucking God Oriya isn't a goddamn doormat for Muraki here. He is perfectly IC, so you Oriya fans out there are in for a treat. TOO many fanfics treat him like Muraki's doormat.

However, my mixed feelings are on Muraki here. I'm sorry, but he is very Gary Stuish in this story. Spoilers for the story! )

There's also less OOCness from Hisoka in this story as well. I think most of it has to do with part 3 being able to stand out on it's own and part 1 and part 2 having little to almost nothing to do with part 3. The only downside I have is that the sex comes WAY too early after part 2. It goes from Hisoka not knowing when he'll be ready to 'okay, it's 4 months post-Kyoto, he's ready!' and there's little to no lead in.

Part one goes to, 'I like you, Tsuzuki, but not like that', to part two going, 'I love Tsuzuki, but I'm not ready to sleep with him', and part three swinging to, 'I love Tsuzuki, and I'm ready!' The problem is that there's no build up from part 1 to 2, and going to part 2's ending right on into part 3 with no build up... Yeah. We got Point A to Point B to Point C, but we're missing the filler in between those points!

Again, why have a trilogy if none of your parts are going to link to each other and basically stand out from one another?

So really, this shouldn't even be a trilogy, this should be just a multi-chapter story. That's really a big fatal flaw to this story and the trilogy as a whole. This is... not really a trilogy, unlike Kouri's Live Through trilogy, where the plots of each part connect with the next work.

Negatives: Very predictable plot, boarderline Gary Stu!Muraki
Summary: A case comes in that ultimately leads to Hisoka making one of the hardest choices he ever has to make...
Overall: 7.1/10 - This really is the part that you should read, and skip part 1 and 2. I'd actually still recommend part 1 because the case fic is really good, but skip part 2 and go to part 3. The fic is predictable and a boarderline Gary Stu!Muraki may get on your nerves, but worth a read.

Is this the best YnM fic I've read? No. Not even case fic wise. While it's creative and I can understand a lot of people enjoying it, I think it goes right on the line of being 'okay' for me. It's definitely worth a read if you're craving fics that do justice to Muraki and Oriya's characters to some degree. Unlike the previous parts, the ideas are executed very well too.

Next up... Not sure yet! Maybe another YnM fic or maybe I'll take a break from fic hopping and cover a Visual Novel that I recently read. I've been reading a lot of otome Visual Novels lately, so maybe it's about time I covered them.
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I'm going to be really honest here, I think anyone reading this series should skip this part and go to part three. Reading this part almost killed the series for me, and if it wasn't for me being stubborn, I'd probably would have given up on this series.

I already said Hisoka's characterization was really bad in part 1. In part 2? It's really fucking painful.

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Surpassing
Author: gaudior
Genre: Angst, getting over fic (Is that even a genre!?), build up fic?
Rating: M
Warnings: Lots of mentions of rape, possible squick moments, OOC Hisoka
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka, mentions of past Muraki/Hisoka and Muraki/Tsuzuki

Plot: 5/10 - There's kind of no real plot, it's basically Hisoka coming to terms to his feelings to Tsuzuki and trying to deal with the aftermath of 'that famous night under the Sakura Trees'.

But it's not written well here. And it's really hard to explain it because it has nothing to do with the writing itself. I think part of the problem is that in part 1, Hisoka was desperate to have 'alone time' to figure things out and in part 2, he's hanging out and staring at Tsuzuki and is like 'oh, I love him', even though in part 1, he basically said, 'I like you, but not like that'. Like boy, make up your mind already!

Also, I highly doubt that after being possessed by a ghost is going to magically change Hisoka's views on everything. I actually like the idea of Hisoka starting to appreciate stuff he never seemed to appreciate. Like food. Or seeing places he's familiar with in a new light. Or deciding to spend time with Tsuzuki, which he seemed to have a BIG problem with in the previous part and in this part, he's suddenly a-okay with it. And touching him, even though the previous part, he obviously had a problem with! Or reading a book on sex (That blows my mind between 'holy shit, that's a creative idea!, 'wtf am I reading!?', and 'omg, I am rotflmao land!').

The problem is this story has a lot of good ideas, but they're not executed well. Being possessed by a ghost isn't suddenly going to change Hisoka's tastebuds or is going to improve any of his senses in such detail (A demon, quite possibly, but a human ghost? Probably not). Or realizing that he suddenly is in love with Tsuzuki isn't going to make him appreciate the taste of food or make the color and shapes around him stand out more. And if it did, I'm assuming he'd go to Watari about it, cause he's a doctor after all.

Him wanting to spend time with Tsuzuki all of a sudden should happen later in the fic instead of near the beginning, especially since the point of part 1 was more focused around, 'I need some me time!' and this takes a 180 direction to 'I need to spend time with him!'

Also, Hisoka randomly punching Tsuzuki because 'I felt like it', while amusing, doesn't he already kind of do that in the manga at least? Well, not like punch, but hitting Tsuzuki, yeah. So it's sort of doesn't make any sense (But you can say this is based on the anime, but doesn't he slap Tsuzuki around in the anime too)?

Though I will admit, I do like the fact that he thinks he's still possessed and when he tries to exorcise himself... yeah, things aren't going to go well here. And then he realizes that yes, those are his feelings, not the remains of a ghost. Again, that's a brilliant idea. But the lead in to get to that part, it's not executed well.

And then there's the whole 'I'm going to study about sex!' thing. Which I can totally see Hisoka doing. But something seems wrong. And then him coming to the conclusion that Muraki raped Tsuzuki and... yeah, this actually made me REALLY uncomfortable, and I'll talk about it in the characterization part.

A perfect example of a story that has some really great ideas, but they're not done exactly right.

Writing: 8/10 - This is where the story shines. The descritpions and the overall writing flow is much better in this part.

This was one of my favorite lines of Hisoka describing what he's feeling from Tsuzuki:

"How often did Tsuzuki feel really delighted, after all? Not just the passing pleasure of a dessert or a sunny day, but this sort of ringing bone-deep rejoicing? It blended with the physical sensation of Tsuzuki’s side against his shoulder, of his shoulder against Tsuzuki’s side, so that the touch seemed to vibrate colors almost too intense to handle. Hisoka sighed and realized that some of the pleasure he was feeling was his own. This... this is okay, he thought. This is all right. "

Basically, the writing is about the same, if not, better, than the last part.

Characteriztion 3/10 - Again, this story focuses on mostly just Tsuzuki and Hisoka. And while I think Tsuzuki is perfectly in character, the same can't be said about Hisoka.

Again, when the focus is on Hisoka and just Hisoka alone (Usually with his feelings towards Tsuzuki mixed in), it's boarderline OOC. Part of it has to do with the plot this time. This part is a perfect example of a bunch of really great ideas not executed correctly. Hisoka makes a lot of dumb decisions in this story, and the boarderline OOC does not help.

An example is Hisoka figuring he's still possessed and that he's not. His reasoning isn't off either, his views of the world has changed, and it started happening after he was possessed. But instead of, I don't know, talking to the DOCTOR about how his sense of taste and sight had changed, he keeps it to himself. I'd kind of think that if Hisoka's senses were off, he'd go to Watari about it, because that's kind of what doctors are for. And the explaination of his senses changing doesn't really make much sense. Love isn't going to magically make food taste better to me, that's for damn sure.

Hisoka also goes from one extreme to another way too fast too. Basically, part 1 doesn't really mesh too well with part 2. Part 1, Hisoka seemed too cold and distant. In this part, he seems a bit too emotional and accepting that he's in love with Tsuzuki.

And then there's the part I really didn't want to get into but I have to: The famous night. I could totally see Hisoka trying to find a book about sex and logically reasoning it out.

But the problem here, is that Hisoka sort of already knows what 'sleeping with another person' is, and at other times, he's ignorant of it. Not to mention, he's a rape victim, so...

I've read a lot of fics of Hisoka trying to get over this issue, from trying to logically analyzing it out, to the 'bathing in the light of the cock' type of scenario (GAG), to 'dark route' scenario, to just about every type of scenario. I personally enjoy Hisoka going the logical route, because Hisoka strikes me as a very intelligent individual. This fic tries to go to a more logical standpoint.

Oh, how I regret what I wished for...

It's almost painful for me to read, not because it's emotional or angsty or tragic, but... it feels really really off. It's really hard to explain why it doesn't work in the context of this story. Maybe it's because Hisoka seems too knowledgable one second and the next, he's completely ignorant.

And then I realized something that made me really uncomfortable: In this story, when Hisoka realizes that Muraki raped Tsuzuki (Urgh, I'll get into that), and realizing Tsuzuki still wants to sleep with him, even though he's a rape victim himself... THAT didn't sit too well with me, especially since the story takes place almost a month after they save Tsuzuki. It's like driving by a horrible automobile accident and not being able to look away.

Not to mention, some people think Muraki raped Tsuzuki when he kidnapped him during the Kyoto arc (Again, rapist!Muraki ~_~;;;;;;;). Is it possible? Canon-wise, I honestly don't think so. Muraki was only after Tsuzuki because of his self healing and his revenge on Saki. Could it have happened? I'm going to say no, but you could make a case for it, in the anime at least.

I think that's my overall problem. We have Hisoka, a rape victim, trying to deal with his feelings toward Tsuzuki, who is also a rape victim, but his feelings toward Hisoka are pretty damn clear, regardless of what happened to him. Not only were both raped, but they were raped by the same person, Muraki. Two people raped by the same person coming together... For some reason, I find the whole thing REALLY unsettling and I can see people being squicked out by it. Not to mention, I think part of me was angry that we reduced Muraki down to a one dimensional villian yet again.

Like, can we have a single YnM story without rapist!Muraki!? Or are we gonna forget the whole 'I wanna put my brother's head on Tsuzuki's self healing body!' scheme??? Isn't the fact that he probably messed Tsuzuki up both physically and mentally just as bad??? Couldn't we use a plot device more on the lines of mind rape and not physical rape!? And my question after reading part 3 is that no, we're not going to forget that, but I'll go into that next time.

Does this make it a negative to the story? No. Is it an unrealistic scenario? Not really. Can I see people feeling uncomfortable reading this? Yeah, I really can. Not to mention, I absolutely hate stories that use Muraki as a rape device, and while this is fixed and has it's reason in part 3, it doesn't make me any less annoyed about it here. And maybe that's why I dislike this part the most out of all three.

Overall, the characterization of Hisoka is off, and this time, it has to do with the plot. Which is a shame, there's not a lot of build-up fics for this pairing. Yeah, not enough build-up fics for Tsuzuki/Hisoka, I just said that. There's random drive by fluff/angst and there's your PwP fics, but actual build up relationship fics? You'll be lucky to find more than 10 and that's me being REALLY generous.

This part tries it, and has the ideas for it. But again, not executed well.

Negatives: OOC Hisoka, very squicky moments
Summary: Hisoka comes to terms to his feelings toward Tsuzuki alongside getting over past issues.
Overall: 5.3/10 - Honestly, skip this part. It's painful to read and if you're easily squicked by rape issues, definitely skip it. This part isn't needed to enjoy the last part of the series anyways. In fact, I'd say skip both part 1 and 2 and just go to part 3.

Next up, the conclusion to the series. And lemme say, honestly, it can serve as a stand alone story if you really don't want to read part 1 and 2. You'll see why.
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And here we go on the promised fic series I wanted to cover. And boy, this is going to be a very unpopular opinion from me, because this story gets a lot of praise, as in 'Best YnM fic ever!' type of praise. And I'm like, 'yeah, it's okay, but that's it, it's just... okay.'

A friend of mine recommended me this fic WAY back when it was being written. I recently gave it a reread and I'm going to say this about it:

The first two parts of this story almost made me give up on reading part three. Moreso on part 2, which I'll eventually cover. That's... not a good thing. Like at all. But I did continue and unlike the other trilogy that I covered on here, part three is vastly superior to the first two. I'm also not going to count the fourth story in this, because it doesn't need to be read and can stand out on it's own.

And here we go. The Mercy of the Fallen series!

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Exorcism
Author: gaudior
Genre: Angst, general, casefic
Rating: M
Warnings: Boarderline OOC Hisoka, mentions of sex, mentions of rape
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka one sided (!!!), it's more Tsuzuki + Hisoka

Plot: 7/10 - Okay, I'll say this on the plot. The casefic itself? Fits the YnM universe perfectly. Wonderfully researched as well, and a better example of how to use fucking cliffnotes. We don't need the background info, but it's there incase the reader wants to see how it ties into the story. This won't be the only example in this series.

However, the problem isn't the plot itself, it's really Hisoka's character, and it somewhat drags the plot down with it. Like I can understand him wanting to be alone with his own thoughts and emotions, more so because he's an Empath. But leaving RIGHT after the Touda incident? Yeah, no. Hisoka would damn well know better than that, even if you claim ignorance on his behalf. And then debating to send Tsuzuki back? At least he caught on that would not be a good thing.

Also, if Hisoka could feel anything coming from Tsuzuki, it's a wonder he survived with him up to this point. Maybe I haven't read the manga/watched the anime in a while, but couldn't Hisoka only pick up strong emotions only if he was touching Tsuzuki, at least pre-Kyoto arc? I remember him picking up some of Tsuzuki's emotions, but near the beginning of the manga/anime. I'm assuming he got better as using his powers over time, and I'm pretty sure Konoe was training him in the use of his powers.

Again, don't know if it's a fanon thing about Hisoka's powers or derivived from canon. I decided not to dock any points for that, because I really can't remember if it's a canon or fanon thing.

Not to mention, Hisoka is down right cold to Tsuzuki. I'm going to cover this in the characterization part more deeply.

Overall plot is okay, but the lead in to get there? Not so okay.

Writing: 7/10 - There's nothing wrong with the writing besides maybe an awkward sentence here and there. It doesn't derive from the story and that's what's good about this series. The writing only seems to improve more as the series continues and that's how it should.

Characterization: 3/10 - This is where the story suffers in my opinion and it's all on Hisoka here. I don't like the characterization of Hisoka in this series at all. I dislike it a lot in this part, and moreso in the next part, but we'll get to that later.

Like I said before, Hisoka is down right cold to Tsuzuki. I mean, like I said, I can see him wanting to be alone to get his thoughts and emotions in order. But even I know that just up and going and not telling Tsuzuki where he's going directly AFTER the Kyoto Arc??? No, not going to happen, sorry. This story would've benefitted more if it took place a week or two AFTER the Kyoto Arc, but it doesn't. And Hisoka would probably either tell Tsuzuki about needing alone time to think, and maybe put an empathsis on his powers as the reason why (And it would actually be truthful too), or be really sneaky and take time off when they're allowed to work again, because he knows Tsuzuki has little to no vacation time due to him blowing up the library again and having to pay it back.

Also, Tsuzuki comes on WAY too strongly, but in a way, I can see why. Hisoka basically tells him to live for him and then RIGHT after, up and walks away. So Tsuzuki's character is believable. I could also see Tsuzuki guilt tripping and hiding as well. So Tsuzuki's character isn't really the problem.

This is just... really uncomfortable to read sometimes, and it's mostly because I feel like Hisoka is on the cusp of being OOC to remaining somewhat IC. Basically, when the focus of the story is the case fic itself, Hisoka's perfectly IC. The only time is when they want to sync up to each other (aka, Hisoka is being stupid and illogical, when he's usually the logical one), but the reason behind it, I can let it pass, for plot's sake. When it comes to focus on Tsuzuki, it's cold and clinical.

Negatives: Boarderline OOC Hisoka, rape mentions
Summary: Post Kyoto Arc, Hisoka wants time to think and reflect. Surely a deserted mountain is the perfect place for that? Too bad life (or afterlife) doesn't work that way...
Overall: 5.6/10 - Not a good start to the series. If you're looking for casefic and don't care about pairings at all, this actually is probably one of the better ones. I'd recommend it only because the casefic itself is very well written.

Next up, is probably the weakest part of this series. And if you thought Hisoka's character was bad here? Nope. Part 2 is what almost made me give up on reading part 3.
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Warning for bitchiness ahead. This also almost became a rant, so beware on that.

Actually, I take back about the series I was going to cover, because this... needs to be seen and said. Why? Well, I found a fic recently on Ao3 and recent YnM works? VERY rare nowadays.

I was also boggled by the amount of comments on this work. Skimming through the YnM section on Ao3, very few stories had more than 4 comments (This is discounting author replies btw) unless it was multi-chapter, multi-fandom, or older than a year. And this story was less than a month old! So curiosity compelled me to take a look at it.

I am FLOORED that this fic got as many comments as it did and NOT ONE FUCKING PERSON pointed out a GLARING mistake in this fic.

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Closer to Me
Author: Veleda_k
Genre: Flangst
Rating: T
Warnings: A good idea that falls flat (Is that even a warning?), bland writing, Misspelling the MAIN CHARACTER'S name
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka

Plot: 7/10 - Okay, I'm going to give the author credit here. Basically, we see flashbacks of Tsuzuki and Hisoka interaction covering each of the anime arcs where one character visits the other. I thought it was creative idea and showing the reader how their relationship changes over the course of the anime. A perfect set up for build up fic or just random drive by fluff.

Now, if it was well written, this actually would be a better example of how to write fluff than the previous story I reviewed.

Le sigh...

Writing: 2/10 - The biggest mistake an author can make, and that instantly takes me out of a story isn't boring writing. Not common word spelling errors. Not period misplacements or comma splices. Not bad characterization.

It's spelling the canon character's name wrong. Worse, the main fucking protagonist. And yes, 'Clean Kill', I am ESPECIALLY looking at fucking you.

I counted a total of THREE times that this fic spelled Tsuzuki as 'Tsuzki' (2 times) and 'Tszuki'. And two of these are near the end of the story and one of them is the LAST FUCKING PARAGRAPH of the GODDAMN FIC! There is no excuse for this, like none. It's like the author just threw this up and didn't either read it herself or get someone to read it over for her.

Shame on you readers who left comments and failed to point this out. Because if this was my story? I'd be beyond embarrassed and would fix it asap!

This isn't going into how bad some sentences sound, how flat the story runs, too much 'noun verb' sentences, Surgatanus (It's Sarganatas and I looked it up on anime news network to make sure it's correct) and just... how overall bland this fic runs.

A few examples:

"(Hisoka had never used a computer before the Shokan division, but he was learning just fine. He wasn't an idiot. Unlike some people.)"

For some reason, the first sentence didn't translate properly into my head, and I realized it was because my mind kept trying to put a verb inbetween 'before' and 'the Shokan division'. It is grammarly correct, but it just... doesn't sound right. Also, this doesn't need to be in parenthesis, mostly because it doesn't add anything to the sentence before it. It wrecks the overall flow of the story.

And this isn't the first time this story has interrupted/overall bad flow, trust me.

"Tsuzuki's joking tone and expression faded. “Sorry. I wanted to talk to you,” he said again"

A period is missing at the end of 'he said again'. Not to mention, you don't even need it, because we already know who is speaking thanks to the beginning part of this.

"Tsuzuki needed comfort, that was clear. The problem was that Hisoka was terrible at comfort. It wasn't that he never looked out for Tsuzuki, but he did it by shoving antacids in his hands when he was hungover (or by nearly killing him to prevent the demon possessing him from killing everyone Tsuzuki loved, but Hisoka was trying not to think too much about that), not by saying the right things. For a mind reader, Hisoka was shit at knowing the right thing to say."

I'm going to admit right here, I had to reread this entire paragraph several times before it finally translated into my head. And then it took another read for me to understand just WHY it wasn't catching with me. And I found the answer: the parenthesis sentence interrupted the flow of the original sentence.

The sentence in the parenthesis doesn't even need to be in parenthesis yet again. It could exist outside of it. The sentence flow is way off, it almost feels like a really bad run-on sentence and I blame the sentence in parenthesis for that. This story has a pattern of interrupted flow thanks to the parenthesis that doesn't even need to be there.

Also, Hisoka isn't a mind reader, he's an Empath. While Telepathy and Empathy can co-exist with each other and there's canon evidence that Hisoka does have a bit of telepathy, his powers lean to reading emotions.

And really, did we use 'shit' as a description? Not to mention, that last sentence sounds really awkward.

"But he knew that if he had called in advance, Tsuzuki would have insisted he was fine. (It was what Hisoka would have done if Tsuzuki had ever called him before showing up.) Luckily, Tsuzuki was home, which meant Hisoka didn't have to feel any stupider than he did already."

An example again of a parenthesis that isn't needed. And again, another paragraph I had to read a few times before it made sense in my mind, because a lot of the sentences in the parenthesis? Really badly interrupt the flow of the story.

I'm going to stop because if I had to point out every goddamn nitpick at this story, this would turn into a beta read. And I'd be repeating the same problem over and over again. Basically, the writing flow is a complete mess.

Characterization: 5/10 - The characters are flat as pancakes and this is more tied into the flat writing rather than characters acting OOC. For the most part, the author was on par with the characters, but the writing makes them... flat. I also think part of the problem was me having to reread parts of the story because it didn't seem to translate right in my head. And having to reread the same paragraph 3 times or more totally threw my mind out of the story.

It's a shame, because I find a lot of fics that are decently written are wildly OOC. I don't come across too many fics where the characters are IC, but it doesn't feel like them because of the writing.

Negatives: Flat writing, canon names are misspelt
Summary: Sniplits of Tsuzuki and Hisoka, covering each anime arc, and how they fall into each other
Overall: 4.6/10 - Flat writing can destroy a really good idea. This fic is a perfect example of this.

Again, shame on you commenters who didn't point out Tsuzuki's name being misspelled. We constantly complain about quality of fanfiction. Well, how are we going to improve the quality of fanfiction when we can't point out obvious errors like this and not be called a 'troll' or whatnot??? Yeah, it's a hobby and what not, but have some mother fucking PRIDE in what you post up!

Anyways, I'm going to stop before this becomes a rant. NOW next time, I'm really going to do a series I promised last time!

Ho man...

Aug. 10th, 2016 09:00 pm
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Trying to find good fanfic on is a rarity. More so with YnM being as old as it is. I also tend to avoid the communties on because:

1. They're for old fic. Like 'back in my day!' old.

2. The community owners tend to have very different tastes from mine. Aka, seme!Hisoka. Like people still have this seme/uke mindset even today!? GET LAID ALREADY!

3. They tend to recommend one author like 20 different times. So if you don't like said author's works... yeah, you're screwed. ~_~;;

So yeah... That means I have to comb on my own. Granted, YnM is a small fandom (On Ao3,, it's still a pretty decent number), and it's not very active anymore. Though the last time I read fic for the fandom was at the end of 2004 before I got heavily involved with World of Warcraft, so a lot of it is newish to me still.

Combing through is never fun. I do find a few gems here and there. But not in this case!

Also, it seems doesn't take it's 'no lemon' policy seriously anymore because finding E rated material is pretty damn easy to find on Though, really, this story can get away with the T rating, it barely counts as a M fic.

Title: Stay With Me
Author: lil'hp fan124
Genre: Flangst
Rating: Auther rated it M, but it can get away with a T
Warnings: Boring ass fluff, out of nowhere angst, fanpoodle japanese
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka

Plot: 5/10 - Basically, Tsuzuki randomly comes over Hisoka's house, silliness occurs, fandom cliches up the bumhole, makeout session, OMG TRAUMA, happy end. It's cliche, it's littered with fanpoodle japanese, there's translation notes at the beginning of the fic, it's... honestly not even worth the read. Not because it's cliche or even boring, but because freaking translation notes at the beginning of a story ALWAYS makes me cringe.

I mean, there's not much else to say about the plot, because there really kind of isn't? It's perfect if you want a sort of pick-me-up random fluff fic. If it was better written, then it would be a good choice. Obviously...

Writing 3/10 - I'm going to keep saying this until I die, aren't I? STOP WITH THE FUCKING FANGIRL JAPANESE! Like holy fucking shit. Either fucking translate everything or write the mother fucking thing in japanese! Like EVERY phrase (With the exception of 'Ne') can be perfectly translated into English. And even 'Ne' can be translated. The only exception I'll let is 'san', 'chan', 'kun', 'senpai', 'sensei'. And even then, those COULD be translated. And I'll only accept it if the canon takes place in Japan. In something like a Final Fantasy fic, it takes me out of the story. More so when I have to refer to cliffnotes.

Your fanfic isn't a fucking research paper. The ONLY time cliffnotes are acceptable is at the end of the story and should only be used to explain something to your readers. The next story series I cover on here will be a perfect example of HOW to use cliffnotes to your advantage.

Also, too much 'noun verb' sentences yet again. ~_~;;

The only reason it doesn't go lower is beause no glaring spelling/grammar errors.

Characterization: 5/10 - Same old fandom cliches, same old 'SOKA!' parade, same old flirty!Tsuzuki, same old Hisoka freaking out because 'omg, that night!' You read it a thousand times before. And how did they go from waking up from a nap to making out? And Hisoka's perfectly okay being with it to freaking out? There's like... no emotions behind this fic? It's kind of hard to explain. It's like the fluff in this fic got run over by a steamroller. It might be because we don't really get a clear picture into Hisoka's head, and the irony of it is this is a first person PoV, so we should be inside his head!

It's also bad we go from a make out session that Hisoka is perfectly okay with to 'omg TRAUMA!' because 'WE NEED ANGST, STAT!' or because 'OMG THAT NIGHT!' with like no build up. Yeah, if you want to play the 'omg, TRAUMA!' card, you need BUILD UP! I feel like I started at Point A and went to Point C, and I'm left wondering wtf happened to Point B.

Negatives: Cliche, fangirl japanese with cliffnotes, very flat flangst
Summary: Hisoka gets a late night visit from an obviously drunk Tsuzuki. And... stuff happens?
Overall: 4.3/10 - Pretty mediorc flangst fic. If you're desperate for flangst, I'd still say look elsewhere.

Next up, a series that I want to cover. And this series... is probably going to be an unpopular opinion type of thing, so be warned!
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It's been a while, hasn't it? As per usual.

This time, I'm going back to a fandom that I actually participated in over a decade ago. So be warned, you're going to see a lot of older writing on here, mostly. And I'm also going to try to go into these fics with a more open mind rather than a 'omg, grate story, writmoarplz!' phase. So you may see 'unpopular opinion' type of thing depending on the author. And I'm also going to try to post 'fic that I liked, fic that's bad fic' type of thing, aka, I try to find a good fic in my opinion and not rant/rave on just badfics.

As a warning, I'm a Tsuzuki/Hisoka shipper, so the majority of these fics are going to be on that pairing.

Let's start on a positive note! I found this fic totally by accident, and I am so glad of that accident too! And how can I resist a seme!Hisoka piece?

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Worker's Compensation
Author: ladysisyphus
Genre: PwP (Is that it's own genre!?)/angst
Rating: AO
Warnings: Very PwPish, though technically has a case, some angst, seme!Hisoka
Couple (if applicable): Hisoka/Tsuzuki

Plot: 9/10 - Um, there's kind of no plot to this, so I'm not going to score here on plot, but more the idea. Why the fuck out of the many YnM fics I've read, barely ANY of them involve demons (Save the one from the Devil's Trill Arc), more so, in this case, an incubus!? It's like the perfect set up for some perfect PwP fic! This not only tickled my 'holy shit, why didn't anyone think of this till now!?' side, but it also tickled my Shin Megami Tensei/Persona side, as those games involve demons and yes, you can get a incubus as a demon in both series. This author also did write for Persona so... >.>

Basically, this story has the perfect setup for this series that you can write a PwP fic on it easily. And you'd think you wouldn't find any character building or angst and just get porn? Think again. Well, not so much character building, but angst... There's quite a bit of understated angst in this fic along with a ton of sexual tension. And it all basically boils to a head due to the case.

Writing: 10/10 - The writing to this piece? Brilliant. That's all I could say. You can feel the sexual tension from the beginning of this fic right to the very end. There's a lot of telling in this fic, which would probably be the only nitpick I have about it. But you can still feel the emotions and the angst behind it through the character's actions.

Characterization: 8/10 - This fic manages to keep Tsuzuki and Hisoka in character fairly well. Now granted, there's not a lot of character building here, and the story doesn't cover the typical 'fandom' heavy issues, like Muraki, the 'famous night', etc etc. It... really doesn't need to, in the case of the story. It does have angst in it that you typically find, but it meshes so damn well with this fic, and it's just the right amount of angst you'll be satisfied with. It also leaves on a 'yeah, we have to talk' note, but in a positive kind of light.

Negativities: None, unless you don't care much for PwP fics in general

Summary: A case goes... in a completely unexpected direction. And brings hidden supressed tensions to a boil.

Overall: 9/10 - Perfect fic to read if you want a one shot with sweet porn with a dash of angst.
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Yay! And I bring fic! Yami no Matsuei fic! Like what the flipping hell!?

Title: Waiting
Rating: T and E
Paring: Hisoka/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst/romance
Warnings: Flangst (fluff/angst), spoilers up to the Kyoto Arc, minor references to Tsuzuki's Shikigami
Summary: There are times where just saying 'I love you' isn't enough...
Comments: This fic is dedicated to both [ profile] katsue_fox and [ profile] rinoared.

You can read the comments in the links, though the Ao3 version is the 'real' version for this story. Why did I write this? Because I made a lot of promises way back before WoW sucked my life away from fandom.

As always, thanks to [ profile] katsue_fox for the quick beta read and for being so encouraging. It's only due to her encouragement that this fic is even being posted.

Also, I strongly advise reading the Ao3 fic over the one, because the flow is better and the lemon is really important to the overall tone of the story. And because the story is so long, I'm just going to leave links up to go to them!

Waiting T rated version

Waiting E rated version
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The overall conclusion to the trilogy! I'd really like to say that this story got better at the end from the last two parts, but... it fell backwards on itself. Not as much emo!angst as the first two parts, but the same mangle characterizations, the same fanpoodle-ness, and this time, not such a nicely neat plot.

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Falling Is Like This
Author: Kouri Arashi
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: NCS hints, wangst, angst, more angst
Couple (if applicable): Basically all the pairings as the previous fanfics, but mostly Tsuzuki/Hisoka and some hinted Muraki/Oriya

Plot: 6/10 - Okay, unfortuantely, the plot isn't nearly as good as the other one. The first part to this story is stupid. Basically, Hisoka is losing his powers that he gained as a Shinigami, but he doesn't know why. Tsuzuki and all the 'older' Shinigami know, so basically, Hisoka and Akimiya are in the dark. Later, it turns out that Hisoka purposely lost his powers (Control over his Empathy, Jitsu powers, healing powers) due to a test. So basically, Hisoka has to fight possible demons and psycho magic dealing humans with NO powers but what he was born with.

It really makes no sense. Shinigami got those powers in the first place so they have a CHANCE to deal with powers that no normal humans could. Why TAKE them away and leave them defenseless? And what about Shinigami that may not have had 'natural powers' when they were alive? Yeah, they are so totally fucked...

So Muraki comes in and messes up the test, because Tsuzuki won't have Muraki touching his man! As it turns out, Tsuzuki wasn't supposed to interfer whatsoever, causing Hisoka to fail his test. When Shinigami fail the tests, they are 'sent on'. Of course, Tsuzuki and Hisoka don't want that, and they run away. First they go to Hijiri, which was pointless, then off to Oriya's place where they find Muraki and ask him how to 'hide' themselves from the rest of the Shinigami, which makes sense because the Shinigami can't track Muraki for some reason. But it doesn't make sense cause it's MURAKI!

While trying to deal with Muraki's molesting and spell casting, a man appears. And at first guess, Hisoka knows that the man is Tsuzuki's father.

Well, as it turns out, Hisoka's guess is right on the money. But more importantly, Tsuzuki's father is not only a demon (Surprise!), but is the Prince of Hell who broke out of his imprisonment. And he's come back to get his son and merge Hell with the living world. Of course, Hisoka can't have that, and when fans really say that Hisoka would go to Hell and back for Tsuzuki... Well!

Add in a little bargain with Muraki (Who has an actual believable reason to go besides wanting to be in Tsuzuki's pants) to tag along with him. Yep, Muraki and Hisoka working together after what happened in the previous two parts. Urgh, but it works.

I won't spoil the rest of the story though, because there's some things that work and other things that really don't mesh at all.

Okay, I will give points to the author for trying to put in Tsuzuki's hertiage and trying to explain why he became a Shinigami and the like (Plus going through the levels of hell were interesting). Because, let's face it, I can think of maybe 1 other fic that does this that's finished. So it's not a theme that's commonly written about. But the first part of the story makes no sense.

Another thing wrong is Tatsumi's description, which I hope was just Tsuzuki trying to throw his father off, because it's so totally wrong. Besides 1-2 people, no one in the division is above the age of 30 when they died.

Also, the levels of Hell and how to get past them are really well written. That's about the only thing I liked though.

Writing: 7/10 - Fanpoodle japanese is STILL present in this story, though it's not nearly as bad as the last. But most of the phrases yet again can be translated into perfect english. There's still no excuse for this though. The only thing I can say is that it's gotten less frequent than in the previous one where there was a lot in a chapter.

Other than that, the writing pretty much stays the same as the first two stories.

Characterization: 4/10 - Okay, I don't know what series everyone else was watching, but when did Hijiri ever BLATENTLY flirt with Tsuzuki? I mean, I haven't watched the anime 20 times, but I don't remember Hijiri ever coming onto Tsuzuki, period. I don't even remember that in the manga.

Oh wait, it's your typical stereotypical fanon thing. It doesn't often appear since Hijiri rarely if ever shows back up, even in fanfiction. But in a lot of them, especially the 'love triangle' ones, people assume that all those worried moments Hijiri has about Tsuzuki was his way of 'flirting'. And that is where I seriously get out my /facepalm emote. Being worried about someone who doesn't know you but risking their neck for you and flirting are TWO different things.

And you know, I really like a sarcastic Hisoka. Face it, if you read the manga or watched the anime, Hisoka has a snarky side. But I have to admit now, it's overboard. He's just WAY too snarky and sometimes, I don't feel like it's him. Most of what comes out of his mouth are either emo moments or snark. And his snark does get him into trouble too, and I don't think Hisoka would embrace his snarky side if he knew that it would get him hurt or even worse others and moreso Tsuzuki. He is also emo, but I think Hell would make just about anyone emo.

Plus snarky!Muraki, while amusing, doesn't quite fit his character. Could I see Muraki being snarky a few times? Yeah. But could I see him being about as snarky as Hisoka in this fic? I really don't think so.

What is kinda sad is Akimiya isn't really present in this story much, considering how much of a role he played in the two previous stories. Also Oriya is in this story briefly and feels sort of off on his character, might be because he caught some of the 'snark virus', but it's not nearly the level as it is to Muraki and Hisoka.

The one interesting thing is Tsuzuki fooling his dad in one scene, but from Tsuzuki to go to one extreme to the next (He is still ubberly wussy, I'm sorry) doesn't feel right at all. I don't mind Tsuzuki even being uke, but here, he's so ubber uke that it makes me weep. I really can't decide what's worse, uber!snark Hisoka or uber!weak Tsuzuki. Both are a big mess...

Negativities: Snark up the bumhole, emo angst
Summary: Hisoka starts losing his powers and doesn't know why. Neither does Akimiya. The other Shinigami do, but they're not saying anything. When a case comes in soon after, Hisoka has to solve it only using his wits and his empathy. Easy enough? Too bad life isn't that easy...
Overall: 5.6/10 - Probably the weakest of the trilogy, which is a shame, since this should've been the strongest story of them all. The ideas were there, but they weren't pulled off well. Honestly, if you're looking for a story that covers Tsuzuki's background, this is a so-so job. If you're looking for this series to go out with a bang, you're probably better off skipping this part all together. Part two concludes in such a way that this series really didn't need another part save to prolong it's lifespan.
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Here you go, part two of the trilogy series! I wish I could say this part was better than the first...

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Somewhere I have Never Been
Author: Kouri Arashi
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: NCS hints, wangst, angst, more angst
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka, slight Tatsumi+Tsuzuki, OC/OC

Plot: 8/10 - Luckily no more 'my summaries suck'. Sometimes, stories need a long summary. And sometimes, a short summary is good enough. Short, simple, and to the point.

Basically, the story tries to build up some characterization around the OC, Akimiya, from the first story, by using Muraki's 'infamous revenge plans' to do so. I will say, the plot is fairly well thought out, and it flows very naturally from the beginning to it's cheesy conclusion. The only problem is the premise has been done to the death. I can count on both my hands and toes how many Tsuzuki/Hisoka stories that tried to rip them apart because Muraki wants revenge on them or more so Hisoka.

Writing: 6/10 - Again, this story falls to fanpoodle japanese. It's not nearly as much as the other story, but there's still quite a bit and it gets annoying especially when nearly everything can be translated into perfect english. STOP IT!

I take that back, it's REALLY annoying. Why 'Sayonara' instead of 'goodbye'!? Okay, I can really let that slide since people say that in real life. But COME ON! Gomen ne (I'm sorry), Ohayo (Good Morning), Aaa/Hai (Yes), Tadaima (I'm home)...

It goes on and on and on, seriously. There was one line about 'genki genes' (Happy genes possible?) that I really couldn't figure out the context at this point. Try running that through Goggle (Or just genki), you get a ton of different things.

Also what's amusing is the writer got Tsuzuki's name messed up around chapter 8. Asato is his FIRST name, not his last name. Almost everyone in YnM calls each other by their last name save for Tsuzuki to Hisoka. It's actually insulting to call someone by their first name unless you're really close to them.

There's also a problem with scene changes, so I dunno if it's because keeps changing it's damn freaking format system for breaks or not, but it can get a little confusing. However, since can be funky with it, I didn't really take off points for this.

Characterization: 4/10 - Sadly, this is where the story fails short yet again. Only instead of me complaining about Tsuzuki and Hisoka, I'm going to be bitching about Muraki.

And yes, the melodrama angst monster comes back around chapter 8, only Muraki is the main cause and he's the 'I want in Tsuzuki's pants, mwhahaha!' mode as typical.

Spoilers )

Negativities: Fanpoodle japanese plague, flat stereotypical Muraki, enough angst to fill a freaking pool
Summary: Sequel to 'Live Through'. Muraki is out for revenge, only this time, it's not just Tsuzuki and Hisoka he's targetting...
Overall: 6/10 - Suffers the same problems as 'Live Through'. Honestly, nothing is really improved from the last story, so if you like melodramatic angst and don't mind littered fanpoodle japanese, give it a least one read.

Part three coming soon!
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I was rereading old entries in my LJ and decided to touch on some fics that I wanted to review but with a less 'fanpoodle' mind and more of a 'neutral' mind. The fact that I picked YnM fic after I swore off the series is... wtf am I thinking!?

If you read my Zelda review, Sehnsucht, I said at one point, I loved said fic, but years later, I was like 'wtf was I thinking!?' I was also visited by the author randomly too. :X I kinda hope he's working on something because his writing was really well done, but his melodrama story failed.

Well, this fic sadly falls into that category. And the funny thing is that I reviewed it years ago with gushing praise, only years later, I should've really known better. For the record, yes, I reviewed this author before. Yes, I know she's popular, but really, her characterizations for both X/1999 and YnM fics are a big mixed bag.

This series is a trilogy that I'll eventually cover in three seperate reviews.

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Live Through
Author: Kouri Arashi
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence, NCS, wangst
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka, slight Tatsumi+Tsuzuki

Plot: 8/10 - You know, I skipped this story for a long time in the past because of it's summary. I really hate saying it, but a summary is what draws a reader in, not your name. Sometimes, you can't sum up everything but I seriously think you can say more than 'My summaries suck, just read'.

Basically, the story is Hisoka trying to sort out his issues about himself, his feelings for Tsuzuki, and Muraki while trying to deal with his 'afterlife'. Add in a lot of emo shit (Hell, a lot of it crosses into melodrama, but we'll save that for later) plus a pretty well thought out plot, whacky dreams, and you got this story.

If it wasn't for the overly dramatic moments that are constantly displayed in the story, it'd actually be a really good read.

The only real striking problems are:

1. Emo!Hisoka + Emo!Tsuzuki = PAIN!
2. An OC that only really serves to bring Tsuzuki and Hisoka together. Basically, he's just there for filler and to keep the plot going.

But overall, it's interesting enough to keep you reading.

Writing: 7/10 - Fanpoodle japanese really needs to die in a fire. But I guess I can be somewhat okay since it's old. But STILL, you can EASILY translate stuff like 'Baka' and 'Sugoi' into perfect english.

It's not cool, it's not going to make you cool, it's distracting, especially to someone who may not watch a lot of subbed anime. Then they have to either pick it up by context or go look it up.

If it's prefixes or words like 'Senpai', that's different, since they don't translate well. But when you leave in OBVIOUS words, there's so much rage in me that I can take...

When you're writing a story in english, WRITE IT IN ENGLISH!

Other than the littered fanpoodle japanese at the beginning (Which is gone in the middle of the story, thank god, but picks up again near the end, urgh), the story is well written. It's First Person, but it really adds to the story. Although, the run on sentences may make you go crazy and there's so many of them that you may end up screaming at Hisoka. However, it really adds to the atmosphere more than it takes away.

Characterization: 4/10 - Okay, let the word be known: 'Muraki is not a one-dimensional villian, for the love of cheese!' This is a big problem in nearly every single Tsuzuki/Hisoka stories that I've read, and it's no exception to this one. This isn't so bad in the first story since Muraki doesn't really appear in this story much. But the same, 'Muraki wants to fuck with Tsuzuki and Hisoka' plots are really old by now that you've seen them all. The saving grace is that the plot-twist used is unique to this story.

The problem isn't even the OC, who is somewhat interesting and I was loving his snark through the story. The only problem with him is that he doesn't serve much of a purpose at least in this part of the story.

The big problem is Tsuzuki AND Hisoka are turned into big piles of freaking angst monkey balls. And this is REALLY a first story where both are so emo to the point where I want to shoot both of them.

Some spoilers )

Negativities: Melodramatic Tsuzuki and Hisoka, littered fanpoodle japanese, emo after emo, boo-hoo sobs
Summary: Post Kyoto Arc, Hisoka has to overcome his feelings on his after life and his feelings for Tsuzuki. The path is anything but easy, especially when a certain psychic doctor is around the corner...
Overall: 6.3/10 - Despite the wangst and melodrama, it's still worth a reading because the plot and writing save it. If you like melodramatic angst, this would be the story to read. As for me, I think I'll pass on a third reading...
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Title: Regret, 2/?
Rating: Hard R
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: Tons of angst, Mild sexual situations (Lime)
Warnings: Kyoto Arc spoilers, as usual
Summary: Sometimes, you're better off waiting...
Comments: Honestly, I wasn't planning on writing a fic to Regret. I think Regret stands off nice on it's own, but later, I thought of making this timeline into a series. This part focuses on Tsuzuki now.

A big thank you goes to [ profile] rinoared for the fine beta job. If there's anything she or I missed, lemme know before I go all cross-post crazy. :X Oh, and if you haven't, it's not vital that you read the previous part before you read this, but I would recommend it.

I wish I could go back in time... )
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Title: Memories
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: General
Warnings: The usual spoilers, up to Kyoto, Hisoka's past, MANGA version
Summary: Hisoka reflects on memories...
Comments: I'm saddened of the lack of birthday fics for Hisoka. :( It's a little late, but let's say inspiration hit me. Yes, I KNOW I wrote a fic with the same title and pretty much, the SAME summary, but it seems to fit this story too, so nah nah!

It is VERY important you take note of the version I'm going by, because, in this version, I'm going by the manga version. You'll see in one memory, where the fic differs from the anime.

Some inspiration from a manga I read recently too. *coughs*

This is so not my normal style, I think, but... *shrugs*

Past, Present, Future... )
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Title: Regret
Rating: R
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: Angst
Summary: Sometimes, you're better off being friends...
Warnings: Lots of angst, mild sexual situation
Comments: Urgh, don't ask where this came from. A LOT of people bitch and whine that sometimes, romance ruins things between people who are close. Hehe, SO...

I'm probably going to be killed by the Tsusoka fans, but... eh... I don't know, for SOME reason, this fic amuses me, although it should depress me!

It should become clear who the speaker is in this fic. This runs a bit similiar to Addiction, but has nothing to do with it. I think I like running Hisoka through the ring of angst.

Thanks goes out to [ profile] katsue_fox for encouraging comments and [ profile] rinoared for betaing. ^_^

Should have... Could have... )
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Title: Non Serviam
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: No pairing
Genre: Dark/Angst
Warnings: VERY creepy and just... weird...
Summary: Tsuzuki has a secret...
Comments: Truly, do NOT ask me where the fuck this came from. Originally, this was going to be a Muraki/Tsuzuki fic, but I changed my mind at the very last minute. Drabble for [ profile] hidden_wolf (418 words).

Secret... )
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Title: Silence
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Oriya/Hisoka, not really romantical
Genre: General
Warnings: None
Summary: Hisoka comes back to a place he never expected to...
Comments: Hard to write, since I've never written anything about Oriya and hard to think of, but... eh. Drabble for [ profile] wolfpilot06, sorry it's not so great. :( Takes place after the 'Tsuzuki rescue' in the Kyoto Arc. (424 words)

Coming back... )

YnM Drabble

Jul. 2nd, 2004 02:52 pm
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Title: Sear Me
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Character death
Summary: Hisoka reflects.
Comments: [ profile] hidden_wolf's drabble request. This was a REALLY hard drabble to do (315 words).

There's also a lot of vague stuff in this. I've decided to leave it up to the reader what, ultimately, happened.

Last drabble for now. >.> )
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Title: Perceptions
Rating: G
Pairing: None?
Genre: General
Warnings: None? @_@
Summary: Hisoka learns an important lesson
Comments: A small drabble (449 words) requested by [ profile] sasuko. Not much else to say. @_@ Cept that it's not all that great. @_@

Drabbie Drabble! )
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Title: Denial
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, hints of Tatsumi/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst/romance
Warnings: Buckets of angst, lime references, spoilers up to the Kyoto Arc
Summary: I know you don't love me, I know I should let you go, but I can't do it...
Comments: Wow, Addiction spawns! :O

Pretty simple, same situation, only this goes into how Tsuzuki is feeling. Why does he decide to stay with Hisoka, even though he probably has a good idea how Hisoka feels? What did he talk on the phone about with Tatsumi?

I won't be able to answer feedback till I come back. I might be up for a little bit more, so if you give feedback now, I'll answer it. I don't know if they'll be another fic in this 'series' or not. It wasn't even supposed to be a series!

I'm floating in the river... )

Yami fic

May. 19th, 2004 11:11 am
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Because I'm bored... I'll actually update! *Gasps*

Series: Yami no Matsuei
Title: Flowers for Hisoka
Author: Child of Magick
Genre: General/Romance?
Rating: It's rated G, but I think it's at least PG-13, mainly due to slash.
Warnings: Badly done fluff. @_@;; Look out for a woman who gets in the way of Hisoka's 'tru luv' and of course, he gets jealous!
Couple (if applicable): Tsuzuki/Hisoka
Plot: - 5/10 Overdone, really. The title really says it all. There's some plot, Hisoka misunderstands something, but it all comes out nice and fluffy in the end!

It's boring, and parts don't make sense. Apparently, the OC, Quinn, was in love with Tsuzuki, but he ran off with an 'Evil Witch' and became a low class warlock. Gah?

Honestly, the story would've been better off without Quinn. It just seems like an odd fantasy reference throw in the story, with really no point.

It's also overdone. Somehow, Hisoka gets jealous but hides it. In the end, it's a misunderstanding and Hisoka flies into Tsuzuki's arms. Literally, in this story.

Writing: 7/10 - Well, the writing isn't bad. But it has it's share of errors. I'm not even 100% sure that I inteperted the entire 'Witch/Warlock' thing correctly, because the sentence itself doesn't make too much sense.

Characterization: 4/10 - Hisoka suffers a lot of OOCness in here. Let's see... Tsuzuki gives Hisoka a sappy love confession, Hisoka gives his own, with tears in his eyes... He gets jealous over another girl and misunderstands a situation...

I think we have fanon cliches numbered down here!

Negativities: Um, OOCness, and a pointless OC

Summary: We start off with Hisoka getting a note from Tsuzuki. Cue flashback of a VERY sappy love confession. As [ profile] wolfpilot06 told me over AIM, Hisoka would NOT fly into Tsuzuki's arms, tears streaming down his face, admitting that he loved him.

*Gags* After, Hisoka starts to doubt Tsuzuki's words. Let me tell you, an important thing in a relationship is trust, and I think Hisoka would trust his partner, especially if Tsuzuki told him he loved him.

Then we get introduced to Quinn, a young witch who's been friend's with Tsuzuki for a long time. Apparently, she helped them out with a fight and was injured and in the hospital.

On Hisoka's way to visit her, he notices Tsuzuki buying flowers, his favorite kind. Of course, he thinks Tsuzuki is buying these flowers for Quinn. Cue Hisoka angst.

In the end, you find out that Tsuzuki bought the flowers for Hisoka and not for Quinn.

So, overall, Quinn serves no purpose in this story, only to cause angst. Overdone angst. :(

Overall - 5.3/10 - It's not the worst story I've come across in the fandom. But it could use some improvements. It's not something I would recommend unless you're desperate for fluff. I'll give brownie points for the writer to incooperate some fantasy theme into the story, but that's it.
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Title: Addiction
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, duh? And SMALL hints of Tatsumi/Tsuzuki because I can! :P
Genre: Angst/romance
Warnings: Buckets of angst, lime references?, spoilers up to the Kyoto Arc, as usual
Summary: Sometimes, needing and wanting to be with someone isn't the equivalence of love...
Comments: Oh my god, I actually wrote a Yami fic!?

You know, I just realized something while writing this fic, a very scary thing. Just because you 'need' someone or want to be with someone doesn't mean you love them. And in a sad way, I think I can sort of relate to that fact.

Most of us assume that when Hisoka said 'those' words to Tsuzuki, we all thought Hisoka said them because he loved him. But what if that's not the case?

So hence, this small little AU monster I came up with. Um, I guess you could say this is an AU of HtH, but gone wrong. Because it has a similar situation in it, but it takes a different direction.

Please be warned, this is one of those stories with 'no fluff in sight'. Will there be a sequel? Perhaps... >.> Just have a tissue handy, this sort of got me weepy near the end.

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