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I'm probably gonna get shot for this review. >.> Fanfiction again!

Series: Tokyo Babylon/X
Title: Reversal
Author: Kouri
Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst
Rating: R/NC-17ish
Warning: Shounen-ai, yaoi, lemon, lots of angst
Couple (if applicable): Subaru/Seishirou
Plot: 9/10 - The overall plot is VERY interesting. I liked the entire concept of it, a VERY good 'what if' fanfic after what happens in Tokyo Babylon. It's well thought out and the plot flows very smoothly.
Writing: 7/10 - The descriptions get a bit too long sometimes, which make you want to skip ahead. The story could've been shorter than it should've been, but overall, the writing isn't bad at all, it's spelled checked and flows fairly well. The only thing that should be taken into consideration is possibly cutting down on the 'noun verb' sentences. It's kinda boring to read 'He does this' and 'he said this', etc etc. I'm a hypocrite for saying that, as most of my stories are like that. >.> But I'm trying to break the habit. ^_^;; But this is why some people skip over long descriptions though. Make your sentences flow, but give it more 'flavor'.
Characterization: 5/10 - *Dodges* Why am I giving the characterazitation a 5/10? Here's why. See, I read Kouri's Yami no Matsuei trilogy BEFORE this fic. And I noticed something. This story's characterazitation is VERY similiar to how she developed Tsuzuki and Hisoka in her Live Through fanfic (I'm not sure if it was that or 'Somewhere I've Never Been', as both had semi-similiar situations). In FACT, there WAS a place where Subaru is talking to Johnny, which is a VERY similiar conversation that Akimiya and Hisoka (I'm not sure, it might've been even Tatsumi and Hisoka).

See, this part of the plot was similiar to her Yami fic

Spoilers for Live Through and Reversal ahead )

It REALLY bugged me for some reason. It just seems the way she writes Subaru in this fic is very similiar to how she wrote Hisoka in her trilogy, and I couldn't get it out of my head. It doesn't destroy the story for most people, but for people who've read one work before the other, it's REALLY noticable, and well... It just doesn't mesh well (I do admit though, Tsuzuki and Seishirou are barely similiar in this fic). It's hard to explain. :P
Negativities: Besides what I said above, there's nothing else. The picture is there, but the writing itself could be improved (Come on, all of us are looking for improvements. :X)
Summary: Basically, it's a 'what if' after Tokyo Babylon. Subaru decides that the bet isn't over and tries to get Seishirou to feel. >.> What it turns into is one huge mess.
Spoilers for the story )

Overall - 7/10 Again, the only pet peeve I have is how similiar her Hisoka was to Subaru in this fic. It's okay to write similiar styles in the same fandom, but this just seemed a bit too similiar and BOTH are different fandoms. I don't like how I kept thinking back to Hisoka when reading parts of this fic.

The plot is really good and well thought out, but to be honest, it could've been much shorter than how it was and it just seemed there was a bit too much than what we saw. The lemon part is well written, which is a REAL plus, to be honest. There's a LOT of people out there who cannot write lemons. This isn't the case here.

If you're a Subaru/Seishirou fan, this fic, I would definitely recommend reading.


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