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Title: Mirror Image
Rating: PG-13
Paring: Tir/Riou
Genre: Angst
Warnings: Spoilers for both 'bad' endings to both Suikoden 1 and 2, angst/dark themes, mild lime hints, under aged drinking
Summary: 'We are destined to watch everyone and everything fall... Friends, family, loved ones, whether by sword or by time, we can only sit back and watch them die... And yet, we will still live on, bound by our cruel fate...'
Comments: Written for 2006 [ profile] yaoi_challenge. I realized I never put this story anywhere, so might as well here. The writing isn't too bad, but the story should've been fleshed out a lot more. Again, was too pre-occupied with WoW to really notice. :/

Castle name = Dynasty, since I could not find a default name for it, for the life of me.

We are a lot alike, you and I... )
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*Casts Rez on this journal*

I think what I do is hop back and forth with good and bad fic. We'll start out with a good fic for a change. :X

Series: Suikoden V
Title: Between Night and Day
Author: endergabriel
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers of the Royal Family and Queen's Knight's past
Couple (if applicable): Slight Prince/Miakis, future hinted Prince/Lyon
Plot: 10/10 - I was so dying to see some familial fic or something about the Queen's Knights when I finished Suikoden 5 and here we go with this story. The author manages to fill in the holes and develop the relationships very well, especially the third story between the Prince and the Princess.
Writing: 10/10 - Very few errors exist, if they even do, in this story. The flow is spot on.
Characterization: 10/10 - Beautiful. I really loved the change Lym went through and how she changed her view about her brother. I also loved the characterization of Miakis here, which is probably a fairly hard character to write for.
Negativities: None, unless you don't like reading about the Royal Family.
Summary: Short stories that take events from the game and flesh them out a bit more. The first one is when Lyon first comes to live at the palace, the second one involves Lordlake and a certain pair trying to sneak off, and the last 3 part one is how Lym changes her views about her brother.

Overall: 10/10 - I truly love the works that I've read by this author. The author promises more stories, and I really hope so. If you're looking for fics that revolve around the Royal Family and the Queen's Knights, this story is worth checking out, no ifs, ands, or buts.


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