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Series: Persona 2: Eternal Punishment + Persona 2: Innocent Sin
Title: Take It On The Other Side
Author: KDash
Genre: Angst/Romance
Rating: PG
Warnings: MAJOR spoilers for IS, so if you didn't read the translation to it... And talkings about a character death, light shounen-ai too
Couple (if applicable): Tatsuya/Jun, Tatsuya + Maya
Plot: 8/10 - See, there's a problem when I'm scoring for Persona fanfics. Persona fanfics are RARE and in between, that there's almost NOTHING to judge it by besides the game this time. There's not much to tell either, plotwise, as this is a short story. Tatsuya thinks about what just happened at the end of Eternal Punishment and comes to a few realizations, which is really in character, if you think about it. What I like is how it's reasonable that Tatsuya gets paired up with Jun as well (Cannonly, Tatsuya/Maya is the couple, but if you played IS, you CAN pair up Tatsuya with Jun, which is the popular slash couple). It's done in a realistic and believable manner, which is a high plus.
Writing: 8/10 - Nothing wrong with the writing, although the flow is a tiny bit off. Grammar checked and properly spell checked. The author might want cut down on the 'Noun-verb' sentences to give the story more flavor.
Characterization: 8/10 - We're only focusing around Tatsuya, a little bit of Maya and Jun, with Tatsuya thinking about the others. So there's really not much to tell, characterazation wise. Tatsuya is pretty much in character, although I think he's a bit too angsty and a bit mellowed down compared to the Tatsuya at the end of EP.
Negativities: If you don't like Tatsuya being angsty about the happenings of EP... >.>
Summary: Short. Tatsuya thinks back and comes to a few realizations and conclusions. Saying what he thinks about and all would spoil the story for you.
Overall - 8/10 The story overall is well written. It's a bit on the short side and if you didn't read the translation of Innocent Sin, you're going to be lost in this fic. It's worth a read, especially if you're a Tatsuya/Jun fan.


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