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Title: Mistress of Death
Rating: R - NC-17
Pairing: Original male/female pairing
Genre: Horror/Angst
Warnings: Dark, character death, violence
Summary: What happens when a young woman gives up her humanity for dark magical powers? Here's a short story in the eyes of a woman who once loved, but now hates everything....
Comments: I wrote this a long time ago when I was in a bad mood when I was still with my ex.

Mistress of Death )
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Title: Don't Turn Away
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Original pairing, male/female
Genre: Angst/romance, character death
Summary: What happens when you get rejected by the love of your life? What do you do?
Comments: Dorkie summary, yeah. This is a story I wrote back in 1999, so it's OLD. I wrote it and showed it to my ex and he sort of got freaked out by it. X_x;; I didn't mean to freak him out either, but I guess it kinda hit close to home with him, especially when I used 'Starza' as the female. >.>

Eh, only posting this, as to see how different my style is from back then and the world needs more original fics.

Originally, this fic had 3 different endings. There was a 'normal tame' ending, the 'suicide' ending and the ending where the guy plays 'hero' and saves his girl at the last moment. I put up the 'better' ending in my eyes.

Don't turn away )


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