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Title: The Road Not Yet Taken 1/?
Rating: PG-13, may rise later
Pairing: Minor Fayt/Sophia, Albel/Fayt
Genre: Angst/fluff/Humor
Theme: 10. The Road Back To You
Warnings: Main plot spoilers, Spoilers for Albel/Fayt's paired ending, warning for a bit of violence
Summary: While exploring an undeveloped planet, Fayt gets seperated from Albel. However, finding the swordsman won't be easy...
Comments: Part of a series for the [ profile] 10_passions. Instead of writing 10 seperate stories based on all 10 themes, I'm writing one story on the same timeline using every 'part' as a theme. I dunno if this will reach a full 10 parts.

This part is unusually long. I don't know how it clocked in at nearly 10k words, it wasn't supposed to, believe me.

Um, sadly, this got so long that there wasn't enough room for notes. If you want to see the notes for this story, visit here.

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Well, nearly a year since I updated this thing. @_@;;

First off, I took the Sims thing down. Sadly, my game kept crashing out on me and I didn't have the time to really bother fixing it. So sorry if you were really anticipating for those. :/

Secondly, there may be a few fics coming soon. I won't make any promises when they will come out, as I'm taking college classes, looking for a job, and actively playing World of Warcraft. So these fics could come out a few days from now or a few months from now, judging how well I update things. *rolls eyes*

Finally, I'll leave you with small tidbits of the fics I've worked on and am currently working on. Abandoned pieces listed here MAY have a small chance of being written for in the future, but for now, I consider them work that I will never finish.

Tentative Title: Regret, Part 2
Completion: 80%
Priority: High

Comment: You know, I was never going to plan on working on 'Regret' ever again. It was a nicely done Hisoka piece that I felt was good on it's own. But a few months ago, I got an idea to turn it into a mini-anthology.

All of part 2 is written, but it's un-betaed and I may want to change a few things. This is a fic that will most likely come out first than anything on here.

Part 2 features Tsuzuki, Part 3, Tatsumi, and finally, Part 4 features Watari, which will be the biggest challenge. Tsuzuki and Hisoka's parts go hand-in-hand, but Tatsumi and Watari's parts will be away from them. While they DO mention Tsuzuki and Hisoka, what will be the theme in their story will be off to the side of what's going on between Tsuzuki and Hisoka.

I haven't decided if I want their parts to go hand-in-hand yet.

Regret 2 tidbit )

Tentative Title: Waiting
Completion: 40%
Priority: Medium to High

Comment: I wrote this fic actually because of a discussion going on in [ profile] pennypaperbrain's journal nearly a year ago. Yes, this fic is THAT old. This was also supposed to be a present for [ profile] rinoared, so there was supposed to be some sort of lime/lemon. However, I got sidetracked and never completed this. I'd like to finish it one day, because I love the ideas.

You can also think of this as an AU version of 'Regret', only a lot more different and more 'omg, happily eva after!'

Waiting tidbit )

Tentative Title: Blur
Completion: 15%
Priority: Low

Comment: This fic was supposed to be a multi-chapter Muraki/Tsuzuki, Tsuzuki/Hisoka. Basically, dark, a lot of fucked-up-ness, and the like. I showed it only to a few people and later abandoned it, even though I had the ending, prologue and first chapter written out.

I really do want to work on this story someday, because the idea has a lot of promise. I had the plot points all mapped out and everything. But until things calm down here and I stop playing so much WoW, this fic won't, sadly, see the light of day.

Blur tidbit )

Tentative Title: None
Completion: 10%?
Priority: Abandoned

Comment: I just randomly found this little PwP Hisoka/Tsuzuki piece. I think I liked the character interaction more than anything with this piece, which is sadly, not in the tidbit. It's pretty much abandoned, at this point, considering the writing style is 2-3 years old compared to my current.

Untitled tidbit )

Tentative Title: Darkness Within, Part 3
Completion: 20%?
Priority: Abandoned

Comment: I think I've given up all hope on ever finishing this. I think I may remove part 2, and just leave it as a one-shot, because the first part stands out as a one-shot on it's own. I wanted to end it in a very fucked up manner, but at the rate I'm going, it'll never be complete.

Darkness Within, Part 3 tidbit )

Tentative Title: Seduction
Completion: 40%?
Priority: Abandoned

Comment: Another abandoned piece. This was supposed to be a request fic for [ profile] katsue_fox, but I never finished it for personal reasons and just a loss of interest. I feel bad about it, but I don't like forcing myself to write on something that I have little to no inspiration for.

It's very unlikely I'll finish this piece, personal reasons again. Shame, because I really liked where this fic was going.

Seduction tidbit )

Tentative Title: Reunited
Completion: 15%
Priority: Low

Comment: This is a FF7 piece I worked on that I eventually abandoned. I wanted to write a Zack/Cloud fic, but get around the obvious Cloud/Tifa that screamed out to me, and NOT bash Tifa in the process.

This would have worked around a theory me and my sister had about Zack. However, Advent Children completely destroyed the theory. Nevertheless, I think if you ignore AC, this could be a decent AU.

Very very unlikely that I'll finish this anytime soon, but I still would like to write and play with this idea.

Reunited tidbit )

And that's about it for now!
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And at this rate, it's going to BE unfinished. ~_~;; This was supposed to be a sequel to Twin Hearts, and... didn't get very far.

Title: None
Rating: PG so far
Pairing: Tsuzuki + Hisoka, hintings of Hijiri/Hisoka
Genre: Humor/romance
Summary: Eh, just a little 'bonding' moment between Tsuzuki and Hisoka
Comments: What was supposed to follow was another part, but... I'm just so fucking LAZY. >.<;;;; Basically, Tsuzuki teases Hisoka. :X My poor attempt at humor in the beginning in this story. X_x

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