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Title: The Little Things
Rating: PG
Pairing: No pairings
Genre: General/humor
Warnings: Manga spoilers up to at least volume 9 of who people are
Summary: Someone decides to show the new shinigami around...
Comments: Er, this sounds like a Sue/Stu, but it isn't. It's something, well, different, for a change.

I'm making blatent assumptions in this fic too. I'm assuming everyone has an office, even the people who are never seen there, but they spend most of their time in their own Cho.

Also, apparently something is wrong too or I'm not reading it correctly. Watari works for the HenJouCho block (Section 6), according to the lecture part in volume 1, but Kazuma and Nonomiya work there too (Section 1 and 2), but in the Peace Division (volume 9). So are there people working in each block for the Peace Division or did I miss something?

If anyone can clear it up or find something wrong, let me know.

This will probably be the last YnM fic I do for some time now.

Also, most of the information for this fic was obtained via YnM translations on Theria's website.

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Title: One Wish
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Hisoka/Hisoka, hintings of Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tatsumi/Tsuzuki
Genre: Angst. >.>
Summary: Hisoka's 23rd birthday. But why is he spending it alone? Why has he kept his birthday a secret for those 7 years since he was a Shinigami?
Comments: This was a BITCH to write, considering the many interuptions I had (Going out to eat, real wankage, people on forums being a pain in the ass, people begging to be leeched in games, mall climbing, etc). X_x;;; But I liked writing it. ^_^;; I think this was probably the most challenging piece that I've written with a time constraint. Not the best though...

And I'm probably gonna get shot for it too. :X

Warnings: There is a reason why a couple is Hisoka/Hisoka. There is masturbation in this piece. If that thought squicks you, don't read the fic.

This is also very angsty. If you don't like that, then don't read it. <.<

There is Yaoi-centric too. If the thought of male slash turns you off... Um, I shouldn't even be GIVING this warning in my fic blog by now. >.>

Just letting you know, this is not a romance piece, there is no sap in this. It's angst only for a REASON.

Um, I think that's all the warnings I need to give you. Um, enjoy? Please keep the guns at bay too...

I think I pleased almost every fan in this piece... Or I'm going to get killed brutally by them. >.>

PLEASE if you see a mistake, let me know. I didn't get anyone to read this over because I wanted to get this out before the night was over.

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And at this rate, it's going to BE unfinished. ~_~;; This was supposed to be a sequel to Twin Hearts, and... didn't get very far.

Title: None
Rating: PG so far
Pairing: Tsuzuki + Hisoka, hintings of Hijiri/Hisoka
Genre: Humor/romance
Summary: Eh, just a little 'bonding' moment between Tsuzuki and Hisoka
Comments: What was supposed to follow was another part, but... I'm just so fucking LAZY. >.<;;;; Basically, Tsuzuki teases Hisoka. :X My poor attempt at humor in the beginning in this story. X_x

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