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Series: .hack/sign
Genre: Fantasy/adventure/drama/romance... Er, I would motion more to general. :X
Rating: PG-13, probably
Warnings: Light Shojo-ai (girl/girl) themes, angst too. :X
Animation (Art for manga): 8/10 - The animation is really good. It does get a little choppy at times, but it's pretty good. The only thing I have a complaint about is the many times songs are repeated during the anime. ~_~;; But the songs are good. ^_^ I might also add, for all those Yami fans out there, Shinichiro Miki plays Krim in .hack/sign. :D
Story: 6/10 - Sadly, this story starts out REALLY slow. It doesn't pick up till later in the series, which will get you hooked. Basically, the story is about a MMORPG (Meta-morph online Role playing Game) called 'The World'. It revolves around Tsukasa, the main character, who, for some reason, can't log out of the game.
Pros/Cons: Overall, the anime is good (The concept of an anime based on an online game, I think, is original. :D), but it starts out too slow. This could be cut in half, if you ask me. The songs are repeated too often throughout the anime, though, which can get on some people's nerves. While the songs are good, being repeated too often can make you hate them. The ending is REALLY confusing to the anime too.
Summary: Like I said, the anime revolves around the main character named Tsukasa, who can't log out for some reason. Other players of the game decide to investigate the matter and mysteries plaguing the online game, and you find out why Tsukasa can't log out and among other things, like background info on 'The World', and it gets you prepared for the sequels (the video games and OAV, specifically). This is more like background info for the games and OAV (.hack/mutation, etc.).

Overall - 7/10 - Overall, the anime is really good, but it has some flaws. It's worth at LEAST one watch, but you might not watch it again, as the plot moves too slowly for some people's tastes. For fans of the video game, you MUST watch this, as it provides some great background info on the games.
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Yay for new journals. :X We'll start off with an anime review!

Series: Tokyo Babylon
Genre: Action/Drama
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: Light Shounen-ai themes, violence
Animation (Art for manga): 7/10. It's outdated, but hell... It looks NICE for it being 10 years old. Although Subaru's outfit is... >.>
Story: 9/10 It's a OAV, so it's kinda short. First case basically an intro to the characters, Subaru and Hokuto Sumeragi, and Seishiro Sakurazuka. It involves 2 cases, which are both interesting.
Pros/Cons: Overall, the OAV is great. I found pratically nothing wrong for this anime, except it's... too short. It leaves you wanting and craving for more.
Summary: People kept talking about it online, so I HAD to go out and buy it. I'm glad I did. :D This is one anime that no X fan should pass up and if you're a Subaru and Seishiro fan, you MUST get this DVD.

Watch out for spoilers )


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