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What better way to return to my old fandom than by finding some bad Star Ocean fic?

Series: Star Ocean 3: Till the End of Time
Title: Love on a Limb
Author: Larien Surion
Genre: Drama/Romance
Rating: E
Warning: Horrible characterization, lots of character bashing, uke!Albel (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? *Mind blown*), mpreg
Couple (if applicable): Fayt/Albel, IN THAT ORDERi

Plot: 3/10 - There's like, no plot to this, and I have no idea if this takes place pre or post canon, to be honest. Basically, Fayt gets massively injured in a fight to the point where he can't use his leg. Albel makes a cast(?) for him, then winter comes, Fayt chooses to go with Albel, Woltar tries to play matchmaker, despite Albel's wishes (Since when did Woltar EVER actually act like an asshole to Albel, like mean spiritedly???), Cliff feeding Albel a 'harmless love potion' so that Woltar can get Albel into an 'arranged marriage', so Fayt basically takes care of the problem by sleeping with him, cept it ends up being a mpreg potion (HOW does that even work), they have like 8 kids and live happily ever after.

Like where do I even begin with this???? I can't, because it BARELY passes as a Star Ocean fic, and it's just so bizarre... The ONLY reason this sits at a 3? Because Albel is the uke here. Yeah, of EVERY damn Fayt and Albel fic I've read, NOT ONE has ever involved Fayt being the top. So to see a fic where he is on top and taking charge? Shocking.

Too bad the plot is a mangled mess. And the smut isn't good in it at all (Persona 5 fandom has SPOILED me rotten with good smut pieces).

Writing: 2/10 - On top of this mess of a heap plot, we also get the blandest writing I've seen in a while too. Bad spelling? Check. Misspelling proper names? Check. Grammar fails (You're and your for example)? Check. He said, she said littered throughout the entire story? Check.

Also, the paragraphs are wonky in later chapters, maybe due to's stupid formatting, but who knows.

The entire story is just so sloppy written. And to top off the shit sundae...

Characterization: 0/10 - Characters not acting like themselves! Joy! We have, of course, Sophia bashing. We have quite a few scenes with Roger bashing. I mean look, I don't like either of those characters. So what do I do? Write them out of the story! Wow, I mean, how hard is that to do, authors!?

NO character in this story acts like the character from canon, not a single one. You could change the names and proper names and never guess this was a Star Ocean fanfic. Authors, when I'm reading fanfiction, I want to read about the characters from whatever fandom I'm looking at. Otherwise, WHY write fanfiction?? Go write original fiction, at least you may get money in the process!

What baffles me is the indirect Woltar bashing. Like, of ALL the characters to use this shit on, him???? He isn't even that important of a character to the original game, but I'd have to say he respects Albel quite a bit, so seeing him being manipulative??? Yeah, no.

Albel acting uke blew my mind, because I rarely see it. I'm always bitching about Fayt being a whining pile, but here, for once, it's the opposite. And while I wouldn't mind Albel being on bottom for once, it's not done well here at all. Not to mention the whole 'male getting pregnant' issue, not to mention it's never said how Albel gave birth. I guess the author didn't want to go into the details. Or more like, couldn't. >.> So I'll just assume he shat them out.

Negatives: Just about everything in this story is a negative, yeah, it's that freaking bad
Summary: Fayt gets wounded in a fight, Albel decides to take care of him. Out of that blossoms love, I think?
Overall: 1.6/10 - It's been a real long time since I came across a fic that was this bad, let alone a Star Ocean 3 one. I'd only recommend reading this if you're really freaking bored out of your mind or a masochist. Otherwise, stay the FUCK away.

Coming up next? Maybe some Persona 5 fics. Maybe I'll review one of the many recommendations in my pinned post.
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