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For those of you who have come here from looking for the uncensored M-E rated material of my works, they are now all hosted on Ao3.

Update: Since my move to Dreamwidth, I've unlocked all but unfinished drafts for fics. You can still find them over at Ao3, or you can find them here. I tagged all my fanfics under the 'fanfiction' tag.

You can also find Regret there as well, though it's still on in the same form. Everything listed here is for Yami no Matsuei, save for Duel, which is for Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

You're blushing again, Hisoka! - Co-written with [ profile] rinoared. This is on Rinoa's profile, not mine. We co-wrote this together. Part 3 is up here, though tbh, part 3 is mostly Rinoa's work and not mine, cause she is a better lemon writer than I could ever hope to be. >.>

Heart to Heart - Part 3's lemon. I would strongly suggest reading the lemon part of this fic, as it's important to the story, but you can enjoy the story and skip the lemon.

One Wish - This isn't on at all, but here it is. I still can't believe people picked this choice back in 2003. >.>

Temptation - This is pretty much E rated work; it's another co-written work done by me and [ profile] rinoared. Beware of the warnings/notes too, this is a pretty damn 'mindfuck' type of story that I know a lot of people might not like.

Duel - I seriously don't know why this fic is so damn popular. I am dead serious when I say that, I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from this, and to be honest, I feel it's one of my weakest works besides anything that came before 'Heart to Heart'. Leave a comment on there and tell me why, because I just... don't get it? Would like to know the draw of this fic.

Waiting - This is the most recent fic I wrote for [ profile] katsue_fox and [ profile] rinoared (Though she's poofed, le sigh). It's pretty much another 'getting together build with lemon' type of fic, and it ended up running away from me, big time. It's also now officially my longest one shot piece. I actually originally started this in 2003, dropped it, picked it back up, dropped it again, and picked it back up again 10 years after. There's pretty much no warnings cept some angst coming from Hisoka's direction and lemon action.


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